January 18, 2019

Crystal Ball 2012 — Bowl Game And Proposition Bets

Now that we’ve predicted an impressive season record for the Razorbacks in 2012, where do we think they’ll go bowling in January, 2013?

Bowl Game / Record TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Bowl Game Sugar Cotton Cotton Fiesta
Bowl Opponent Florida State Oklahoma State TCU West Virginia
Bowl Outcome L W W W
Final Record 11-2 10-3 10-3 12-1
Final BCS Ranking #9 #9 #12 #3

And just like Vegas, here are a few ‘proposition bets‘ — interesting side bets that we’re making well over a month before the ball is snapped.

Propositions TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Wilson or Davis Wins The Heisman? No No No No
Davis Rushes for 1,000+ Yards? Yes No Yes No
Either, Neither or Both: Wilson breaks Mallett’s Single Season TD mark (32) or Pass Yards (3,869)? Both Both Neither Both
Hogs 2012 Defensive Rank in SEC?
(9th in 2011, 362.8 YPG)
6th 5th 7th 6th
Biggest position worry for the 2012 Razorbacks? Linebacker Fullback Secondary Head Coach
DWRRS Attendance record broken this season? (Record is 76,808 vs. Alabama, 2010) Yes Yes Yes Yes
With Nutt gone, your most
despised SEC coach is?
Gene Chizik Les Miles Gene Chizik Gene Chizik
Impact Newcomer for 2012 Demetrius Wilson Otha Peters Kelvin Fisher, Jr. Otha Peters
Breakout Player of the Year Trey Flowers Robert Thomas Keante Minor Cobi Hamilton
Hogs Head Coach in 2013? Gary Patterson TBD Al Golden TBD

A few notes:

  • Pretty sure most Hog fans would be fairly happy with 10+ wins and any of those bowl games.  It’s not playing (and winning) in the big game in Miami but it would still be a heck of a season.
  • None of us thinks John L. Smith has a long-term future in Fayetteville.  When there are more votes for “TBD” than John L., that pretty much says all you need to know.

Coming up next: Who will be the division and overall champs of the SEC?


  1. Carolina Hog says:

    Hogs will go 11-2 with a win over Texas in the Cotton Bowl for a final ranking of #5. Hogblogger, fullback? What about Kiero? I think the position of worry is the o-line because if those boys don’t get it done then our biggest weapons will not be as effective as we all hope and if Tyler gets hit like last year he may not survive. Demetrius Wilson should be impact newcomer. The guy’s got talent and opportunity. Tevin Mitchell will breakout this year as one of the premiere d-backs in the league and Chris Peterson will be next coach of the Razorbacks. I know, he doesn’t want to leave Boise but with the new BCS deal, Boise could become irrelevant and I don’t think Peterson is going to waste away in Idaho no matter how much he loves it. As a second choice, I’ll say Pete Carroll.

  2. Carolina Hog says:

    Oh, and TBD for future coach? Jeez! Come on, fellas.

  3. GolfHog says:

    Names not mentioned:

    David Cutcliffe
    Norm Chow

  4. HungryHog says:

    I agree on (and hope for) Peterson. He could continue growing success we have built so far. I hope the players really like JLS because – not trying to be rude/ugly – but he is NOT what I want as the face /future of the Razorbacks. The guy is not going to be able to recruit. CBP was a destination for QBs and receivers looking to go pro. JLS is a loose canon. I don’t want to hijack the thread – but I wish he would just keep his head down, give short answers, and drive the bus.

    I see the Hogs winning the 2 big regular season games this year. BUT – we will lose one game we should have won – probably South Carolina – which will bump us down in rankings. We will beat LSU to go to the SEC championship game – beat Georgia.. BUT – will get the shaft as a 1 loss team because of the Anti-SEC fever in the media – and will be forced to the Sugar Bowl where we will beat Florida State – while media darlings and USC and 1 loss Oklahoma play for the National Title

    Book it.

    • Jim Dogg says:

      Regarding your anti-SEC comment. THE BIG GAME that will influence that situation is Michigan vs Alabama at Jerry World. If Bama beats Michigan I don’t see how the anti-SEC crowd will be able to stop an SEC team from getting into the National Championship game. LSU set the table last year by beating Oregon State and WVU, both favorites in their conferences and the Tide sealed the deal with a win over Penn State. There are so few intersectional games of importance that one like Bama versus the Wolverines carries a lot of polling weight. It Bama loses, it might give an excuse to stiff the SEC, providing the Tide does well after that. Big iffs but that first game is going to mean alot regarding the SEC’s chances.

  5. Bowl Game – Orange Bowl (BSC NC game)

    Bowl Opponent – USC

    Bowl Outcome – W

    Final Record – 14-0

    Final BCS Ranking – #1

    Wilson or Davis wins the Hiesman? – Yes – Wilson

    Davis Rushes for 1,000+ Yards? – Yes

    Wilson Breaks Single Season Records for Both TDs and Passing Yards? – Niether

    Hog’s 2012 Defensive Rank in SEC? – #5

    Biggest Position Worry for 2012 Razorbacks? – Free Safety

    DWRRS Attendance Record Broken This Season? – Yes

    With HDN Gone, Most Despised Head Coach in the SEC? – Steve Spurrier (arrogant bastard)

    Impact Newcomer for 2012 – Austin Flynn

    Breakout Player of the Year – Chris Gragg

    Hog’s Head Coach in 2013? – You got me there guys. That’s anyones guess. TBD

  6. the Heis is too political and stopped being about the best player many, many years ago… They will not give it to a Ark player… NC! Westcoast opponent and a win! Maybe one loss overall … No. 1! Pistol O could produce (2) 1000 yrd rushers!!! TWilson rewrites record book… Top 5 D vs. run… debt/experience at LB… DWRRS will rock! … G.C. (AU) … Flynn/Peters/Wilson … Minor/Fisher …
    Keep staff intact bring back Garrett MC. WPS… GHG!!!

  7. Carolina Hog says:

    If the Hogs win NC, I can’t imagine having anyone other than JLS as coach next year. I think most of us feel this would dilute the product over the next few years, but hell it will take me that long to sober up if we win NC so I might be willing to make the trade.

    • I would have to agree. JLS isn’t my first choice when it comes to building a program. He hasn’t proven over the years he can sustain winning, if he and this staff can guide the Hogs to a West Division Championship and maybe even an overall SEC Championship, then I think Jeff Long would almost have to sign the man to anther 2 or 3 years deal.

      My reasoning for this is because if you don’t do that, the staff will more than likely be let go by the next head coach and no head coach worth his salt is going to come here and have a staff shoved down his throat.

      It’s either keep an SEC Championship/NC caliber staff in tact or let them go. Is anyone willing to take that chance?

  8. Arkansas has the talent to play in the NC game. But the ball has to bounce just right for us to get there. I think we will end up in a BCS bowl, if it is not the NC game. I can see us beating Alabama, and maybe LSU. But I also think we may trip up against someone we are favored to beat. Regarding our next coach, I think Gary Patterson would be great. He has proven himself as a coach, and he would help us recruit from the Dallas area. I would also not mind Skip Holtz, since he is an Arkansas boy. I think he would jump at the chance to coach here. It will be interesting to see how his team does this year. Last year wasn’t so great and raised some questions about him. Garrick McGee would also be great. If he is hired, we may be able to keep the rest of the staff intact. There are several coaches on our staff that would also be good. But I like John L. Smith so far. He seems to be the anti-Gene Chizlik. Smith is honest and genuine. We will find out if he can coach. But he seems to have the respect of the players.