February 16, 2019

Crystal Ball 2012 — Division Races

As we finish up our predictions for the 2012 season, here’s our best guess at who will win the SEC division races and individual awards.

SEC West TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
1. Alabama Alabama Alabama LSU
2. Arkansas LSU LSU Arkansas
3. LSU Arkansas Arkansas Alabama
4. Auburn Auburn Auburn Mississippi State
5. Mississippi State Texas A&M Mississippi State Texas A&M
6. Texas A&M Ole Miss Texas A&M Auburn
7. Ole Miss Mississippi State Ole Miss Ole Miss
SEC East TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
1. Georgia Georgia Georgia Georgia
2. South Carolina Florida South Carolina South Carolina
3. Vanderbilt South Carolina Florida Vanderbilt
4. Florida Kentucky Vanderbilt Florida
5. Missouri Missouri Tennessee Tennessee
6. Tennessee Tennessee Missouri Missouri
7. Kentucky Vanderbilt Kentucky Kentucky
SEC Honors TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
SEC Champion Alabama Georgia Alabama LSU
SEC Player of the Year Knile Davis Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson Tyler Wilson
SEC Coach of the Year Nick Saban Mark Richt James Franklin James Franklin

A few final notes:

  • A hearty welcome to the bottom half of their divisions for Missouri and Texas A&M.  The first SEC teams who lose to them will be excommunicated from the conference for the week following the game.
  • Some mildly varying opinions on where Vanderbilt will finish.  After some late game losses last season, Coach James Franklin still hasn’t proven they’re not the same old Vandy.  An early October road game against Missouri will be telling.
  • Tyler Wilson and Knile Davis are two of the marquee stars of league.  Based on the attention they’ve received lately, it’s not a stretch to think either Wilson and Davis could come away with conference player of the year honors.

So that’s it…2012 predictions in the book.  We can’t wait for practice to begin!


  1. WEST
    Mississippi State
    Texas A&M
    Ole Miss

    South Carolina

    Arkansas will beat Alabama, but lose to Mississippi State. The last game against LSU will be a showdown for the SEC West championship. But LSU will win in a close one. In the East, Georgia will miss Crowell and will lose to South Carolina and another SEC team. South Carolina will lose only to LSU. South Carolina will meet LSU in the conference championship. LSU for the national title against USC.

    Hey, do we win a t-shirt if our predictions are the closest?

  2. JIm Dogg says:

    Hogblogger: Picking Ole Miss over Miss State in the East? Kentucky over Missouri, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt? What you smokin Boy? I was impressed with the football magazine predictions last summer and none this year have come up with this. Everything is a horserace but three things standout to me. (1) LSU’s chances are all tied up with their new QB. If he works out, then LSU is the favorite (2) I think that Mizzou and TAMU are being underrated and they are going to be the wild cards that could gum up thier respective divisions and (3) Once again the best team in hte East will not be in the SEC championship game thanks to schedualing. USC will again get screwed. I think that Richt has lost his edge and will not get to the NC even if he accidently wins the conference championship. Richt and Georgia still have to show me something after the LIberty bowl and against Michigan State.

  3. Vanderbilt will be the suprise of the conference and just as good as Missouri.
    Tennessee will have a very good passing offense and will resemble the Arkansas team of 2009.
    Georgia lost several O-linemen and will be starting over at RB.

    South Carolina will win the SEC East with an experienced QB, a very talented Jr. RB, a very talented D-line and a solid secondary.
    Arkansas will be the conference champs with an improved run D and a solid O-line.

    It is always hard to repeat great success. Bama and LSU will both slightly fall back and the Hogs will step up.

    GO HOGS GO, BABY!!!!!