May 25, 2018

Crystal Ball 2012 — Wins and Losses

SEC Football Media Days 2012 has come and gone.  Predictions by the assembled media at the event have been made.  Now it’s time for us to unveil our predictions for the 2012 football season — as well as ask you to give us yours.

As usual, we’re planning to do this with a three-part series of posts this week so that we can fully break down all of the prognostications.

We start today with the bottom line…wins and losses.

Date Opponent TipsterHog HogBlogger Sunshine HogBaller
Sept. 1 Jacksonville State W W W W
Sept. 8 Louisiana-Monroe W W W W
Sept. 15 Alabama L L L W
Sept. 22 Rutgers W W W W
Sept. 29 at Texas A&M W L W W
Oct. 6 at Auburn W W W W
Oct. 13 Kentucky W W W W
Oct. 27 Ole Miss W W W W
Nov. 3 Tulsa W W W W
Nov. 10 at South Carolina W W L W
Nov. 17 at Mississippi State W W W W
Nov. 23 LSU W L L L
Conference Record 7-1 5-3 5-3 7-1
Regular Season Record 11-1 9-3 9-3 11-1

A few notes:

  • Like the rest of the fan base, the RazorBloggers are split right down the middle on what kind of season we think it will be.  Two votes for 11-1…two votes for 9-3.  A great season and in the hunt for a national championship.  Or a very good season just short of being a great season.  Strong arguments can be made both ways.
  • Similar to last season, this year sets up well for a build up to the Alabama game.  Unlike the last couple of seasons, however, let’s see if this coaching staff actually establishes the running game in the first two games before the Crimson Tide (and ESPN Gameday?) comes to town.
  • Rutgers looks like the biggest ‘trap game’ on the schedule.  The game after Alabama always seems to be each year.  And like every season, winning all four SEC road games will be a major challenge.  Expect at least one of those games to come down to the wire like it did in Nashville last season.
  • As always, the disclaimer that key injuries may affect these predictions should be made.  Never mind what effect the loss of a tyrannical, offensive genius head coach might have.

Coming up next: Will the Hogs win their bowl game and who will be the breakout player of the year?

  • OwassoHog

    Dreams dashed early and often this year… 7-5 (Alabama, Texas A&M, South Carolina, and LSU)… ok, this is only 4 with the 5th to be named later (i.e. unknown upset). 🙁

  • tj

    10-2 with our 2 losses to bama and usce.

  • I think we will beat Alabama. It will be early in the year and the new players for the Tide, although talented, will still be learning the system. Razorback Stadium will be rocking. I think we will take advantage. I am more worried about our letdown for the Rutgers game. They have some big time talent and will be pumped to play an SEC team, especially one that just beat Alabama. I think we will beat South Carolina. We seem to have their number and Lattimore will be banged up by the end of the season. It is hard for me to picture us beating LSU, but maybe our offensive and defensive lines are more physical this year. Wouldn’t it be great if both teams are undefeated by the time they play?

  • Anonymous

    I won’t even go there. I’m more worried about Alabama than anyone else. I don’t believe that TAM will be an issue for us or SC. We’ll soon see.

  • I can’t believe some of you guys. Do you really think John L. Smith is gonna screw things up so bad we can’t beat A&M without a proven QB in a passing offense or a proven defense?

    Are we not good enough to knock off Bama in the early season at home with new players on their D?

    Sure, I could see us losing at SC, but is SC’s O-line something to worry about or is Lattimore just gonna do it all by himself? Who’s Conner Shaw gonna throw it too? He runs most of the time anyway.

    LSU looks to be the most dangerous to me, but even they still have to come to Fayetteville and their QB is a wildcard.

    Tyler Wilson, Knile Davis, Dennis Johnson, Ronnie Wingo, Chris Gragg and Cobi Hamilton make up some of the best players we’ve ever had on offense.
    Jason Peacock, Mitch Smothers, Travis Swanson, Alvin Bailey and Brey Cook give us some of the best talent we’ve had on our O-line in years. They all return with SEC experience.

    Keante Minor has the best hands on the team and both Jevontee Hearndon and Julius Horton bring experience back in the WR corps. Juco transfer Demetrius Wilson has the best speed besides Hamilton and could be the next PR guy on STs.

    Anyone in their right mind would have to know the defense will be improved. We’re going to be better against the run with the philosiphy these defensive coaches bring to the table.
    The DTs are huge and quike and have quality SEC experience as a whole for the first time.
    DEs Trey Flowers, Chris Smith and Juco transfer Austin Flynn would be no slouches on ANY SEC defense.
    Tank Wright is a beast at MLB. He may need work with pass protection coverages, but his run D will be outstanding.
    Alonzo Highsmith,…’nough said.
    Sr. LB Matt Marshall could be the 3rd wheel, but I think we have plenty of candidates with guys like Terrell Williams and Braylon Mitchell waiting their turn.
    FS is our biggest concern when it comes to establishing a solid starter to replace a playmaker like Tramaine Thomas. Ross Rasner and Jerry Mitchell are the top guys. but they both look solid and will both get a ton of playing time.

    Teams are going to be forced to throw the ball against this defense. Bama and LSU will be our biggest challenges again.

    We will be no worse than last year. 10-2 at the very worst.

    • OwassoHog

      Hey… just too much drama to get too excited this year… 🙁

      • Don’t worry Owasso, good times are ahead brother. 😉

        • OwassoHog

          I hope so but I’m still concerned about Jeff Long’s potential negative impact to our program. He hasn’t won a lot of points with me over his tenure but I’m still holding out hope.

          On the flip side, I can see us doing very well… I’m just not expecting it.

          • Hawgfan100

            What’s the issue(s) with Long?

          • OwassoHog

            Issues with Long… mostly seem to disagree with him more than I agree. I’m not convinced that his good out ways his bad. I could make a list of good/bad but this is so subjective that it probably isn’t worth it. I’m probably without question in the minor and I’m ok with that…

          • OwassoEeyore

            and if that wasn’t thoroughly vague and ridiculous enough, something about his face just doesn’t sit right with me. 🙂

    • Swineage

      I’m likin’ it. Agreed.

    • Jim Dogg

      How on earth did you leave out Hocker and Breeding? Hopefully they will makeup for habitual poor kick coverage. Can’t wait for the season to start. Michigan will tell a lot about ‘Bama. Jacksonville and Munroe (sic) will not tell Bama much about the Hogs.

  • I think we could get Alabama at home, but until we break through against them, I couldn’t predict that.

    I think we’ll slip on the road somewhere…like Vandy and Ole Miss games could have been (should have been) a year ago.

    Gonzo, one thing that was missing from your analysis was that we lost the best play-caller in college football and the man who made sure everyone else did his job and prepared properly each week. As good as the assistants are, I have a feeling that will be missed greatly as the year progresses.

    • I can see where his leadership might be missed, but CBP’s leadership was infused by fear.
      To an extent, that fear can lead to good things on the field on game day, but it’s a little over-rated to a fault.

      Fear is good when it comes to disipline within the practices and I think we all know by now what an SOB Petrino could be for the simplist of screwups. He had no compassion for a player who was already down on himself. He would let you know what he thought,…intensely.

      All of the current coaching staff know the importance of this season. All of the returning Srs. know the importance and there are a slew of them coming back as starters on this team. Leadership should be at it’s best. Maybe the best we’ve ever seen on both sides of the ball.

      I have faith in these coaches. They’ve all had years of experience coaching with Bobby Petrino. I think they know exactly what to do. Plus, this will be the most talented and experienced players coach JLS has ever coached as the head man.

  • Hawgfan100

    I don’t, mainly due to the addition of an important factor neither of you mentioned: team leadership. This aspect of the program is as strong, and perhaps stronger than, I’ve ever seen. Tyler, Tank, Knile, and others will assist the coaches in keeping the team’s focus and diligence strong over the season.

    I’m with Gonzo: no worse than 10-2 and, at best, I can see the Hogs splitting the bama/lsu games for 11-1.

  • OwassoHog

    FYI – comments functionality… I’m not sure why but my replies aren’t associated with the appropriate section and I have to continue to add my information on the name section… What gives with this?

    • Sorry about that…I’ll check to see if it’s an issue with the comments plugin we’re now using. It sounds like you may not have browser cookies enabled for the site we now use for comments ( That’s what is needed for you to not have to enter your commenter information again.

      Also, if you aren’t already, make sure you’re using one of the newer browsers (Internet Explorer v9, Chrome v20, Firefox v14).

    • Owasso…FYI…I manually moved your comments and attempted to attach them as a reply to the original comment you intended.

    • OwassoHog

      Using IE8 via corporate computer… can’t change that! 🙁 Thanks. Guess I’ll need to comment from home via Firefox 14+ 😉

      • I was able to reproduce the problem using a newer browser so I’ve disabled the new comment features for now. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • uvahog

    Jeez, I don’t know what to think. This team could go anywhere from 12-0 to 5-7 pending on how a whole host of unknown issues work themselves out (sorry if that was a little too Rumsfeldian). My prediction is going undefeated through A&M and then losing 2 we shouldn’t followed by SC and LSU losses for a disappointing 8-4 record.

  • Zeke

    A 2-3 September is far from impossible although 3-2 is more likely.

    Why is 2-3 possible? Because losses to AL and A&M are exceedingly reasonable to prognosticate and Rutgers is no pushover. In fact, to quote

    “This brings us to the topic at hand, Rutgers against Arkansas. This 2012 & 2013 home & home series vs. the Razorbacks present an opportunistic challenge in favor of Rutgers and the Big East. A victory here could administer the league’s signature “don’t –forget –about-us” smack-in- mouth to both the power-conferences, particularly the supercilious SEC. A Knights victory over the Razorbacks is not far-fetched as it appears

    Defensively the Knights are stronger than their SEC counterparts, particularly in the secondary and LB units. In fact Athlon Sports ranks the Knights secondary among the best in the nation at number 10. Meanwhile All American candidate Khaseem Greene anchors a deceptively fast and experienced LB squad. On offense the Knights are tall, athletic, experienced & deceptively quick, the perfect formula for catching a naive and suspect defense off-guard. (Recall the Iowa Cyclones in the Pin Stripe bowl).

    In other words this contest presents a celebratory opportunity for both the Big East and Rutgers alike.”

    In a post AL trap game? That is concerning. Plus, I am not certain how we will react to any sort of on field adversity…

    The legacy of Bobby Petrino is poor recruiting, defense and executive leadership. The immediate result could be a poor September.

    • Thanks Zeke. We can always count on you to take the optimism out of anything resembling Razorback ferver. Hell, what would we do with optimism anyway?

      • Carolina Hog

        How do you call the guy who put together a team that won 21 games over two years in the toughest conference in America a poor recruiter and a poor leader? Once again I think people are putting more into recruiting rankings than on-the-field success and behavioral issues aside, Petrino was pretty impressive with his organizational skills.

    • Hawgfan100

      “Because losses to AL and A&M are exceedingly reasonable to prognosticate…”

      Bama perhaps but not TAMU.

      Rutgers is impressive on defense but its not like Arkansas doesn’t see impressive defenses on a regular basis. Our offense will be fine, especially at home.

      Arkansas’ defense can be described as many things but not ‘naive’ (I’d also hesitate to give any credence to ‘suspect’ as well, especially given their Cotton Bowl performance). Rutgers offense may be “…tall, athletic, experienced & deceptively quick…” but an offense ranked 99th at the end of last season shouldn’t unduly concern our defense.

      Rutgers is a trap game, no doubt, but not one to be wringing hands over. And “…not certain how we will react to any sort of on field adversity…”? Well, you may be. I’ll place my trust in Tyler and the other leaders on this team, to include the staff. They are all experienced with on-field adversity.

  • AlabamaownsArcansauce!!

    There’s a reason Ala Bama keeps winning National Title’s, because God is behind O Bama also, because his policies are 100% right, so the Bama’s just stick together is all. Ala Bama will kill Arkansas and win another National title this yr. I think Arcansauce will finish 4th or 5th to be completely honest, there knew defensive coordinater doesn’t know how to coach in big time college football yet. You can really tell also by the way they practice and the things they say, thinking they’re going to be good and all that.

    • Carolina Hog

      It always baffles me when Bama fans don’t act like they’ve been there before. If I was a Bama fan with their level of success, I’d have more to do with my time than troll the blogs of other teams. Thanks for coming by.

      • Like Bo Mattingly says to that idiot LSU fan named Tigerbait, “If you didn’t believe we were relevant, you wouldn’t call this show, so by you spending valuable time calling our show everyday, proves Arkansas’s program is relevant”.

        I agree with you Carolina. If you constantly have to convince yourself and remind everyone around you that you’re somehow better than they are, then maybe, just maybe, there a hint of doubt about what you’re representing heading into the season. 😉

  • Pigsooietime

    This year is going to be the year we over come bama and lsu . Wilson is going to be the biggest factor to our success. In my opinion he has the opportunity to be the greatest Arkansas qb thus far. If we beat bama early in the season I think it will give us the confidence and focus to beat every team we play. There is only one game I foresee really giving us trouble. Sc at Sc . I see us at 11-1 and playing for an sec championship against Sc and quite possibly a bcs championship . It’s college football you never know what’s going to happen. Looking forward to see how everything pans out.

  • OldWaldronHog

    I’ll go with 8-4. We should have a better season but there are to many issues. Anytime there is an “interim” situation, it never turns out the way you want.