June 24, 2018

Game Predictions — Jacksonville State

Easily our favorite thing to do here on the blog each season is running our weekly predictions contest.  It’s always a fun thing for us during game week to throw out our guesses and then see what you think.

First, however, we need to take a moment to congratulate our most recent winner.  In this case, props go out to Little R for correctly predicting a Cotton Bowl victory back in January.  Her take: “We need to win a bowl game for a change […] and show we really have joined the big boys!”  Considering that was your second predictions contest win of the season, Little R, I think you’ve shown the ‘big boys’ how it’s done!

We knew after last season ended that it was time to replace our Nutt-inspired “Brotha” T-shirts.  But little did we know that the events of the offseason would provide the ironic inspiration for this season’s attire.  So without further ado, allow us to present the latest in RBN casual wear:

RBN T-Shirt FrontRBN T-Shirt Back

What can we say…we couldn’t help ourselves.  After the offseason that Hog fans have endured, it’s time to chuckle a little, complete the healing process and look forward to what will no doubt be a memorable season.  In that spirit, we’ve created a very limited run of these T-shirts for each of our weekly, uh, ‘grand prize’ winners.  How do we choose who wins?  Click here for all the contest details.

So here we go:

Jacksonville State GamecocksWalking on Sunshine:  In Coach Jack Crowe’s return to Razorback Stadium, the Gamecocks will play their part and only go home with a $450,000 pay day.  As for the Hogs, I’m thinking 8-10 carries for Knile will be enough.  Paul Haynes’ defense makes a good first impression.  Arkansas 45, Jacksonville State 6.

HogBaller:  The Razorbacks get out early in the season opener.  A much improved defense sets the tone while the offense showcase their numerous weapons.  This one won’t be close.  Arkansas 42, Jacksonville State 6.

HogBlogger:  Hogs pour it on to make the point that life is really okay.  Whether that’s true or not will remain a question.  Arkansas 56, Jacksonville State 10.

TipsterHog:  This team has a lot pent up and they’re ready to take it out on someone else.  Even if it’s not a “statement game” because of the opponent, it will still be a solid start to the season.  Arkansas 52, Jacksonville State 3.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Defeating Gamecock teams is our speciality” or “Remember The Citadel!  Hogs roll.”

  • JonesboroWinner

    I think TipsterHog hit the nail on the head! Arkansas 52, Jacksonville State 3…
    Adam Creecy (adamcreecy@gmail.com) WPS

  • TJ.

    Arkansas 45, Jacksonville State 3.

  • Ward Hog

    We’re all gonna be talking about how much our defense has improved this year! We’ll see a glimpse of it on Saturday. Arkansas 48 J State 0. Dig the shirt!!!

  • Omahahog

    Arkansas 46, Jax St 10 (charbroiled wings are the best!)

  • Devan Lawson

    Arkansas 54 Jack 0

  • Arkansas 46 Jax St Charbroiled Chicken Wings 10

  • OwassoHog

    Going to go with 49-7… no big surprises… holding judgement on new uniforms! 😉

  • Hogs won’t be as dynamic as they shake the rust off and play the reserves.Arkansas 38 Crowe’s Cocks 10

  • Hogs 48, Jax St. 7

  • J KC

    Starters pulled before halftime makes for a less than exuberant final score… 38-6


    Hogs 56 – 0

  • Hogs 55, JaxSt 3

    Nothing witty to add this fine morning…

  • hog in iowa

    UA 36 Jacksonville 7

  • NewYorkHogFan

    The starters are up 28-0 by halftime. The 2nd and 3rd team get to play and learn. Final score: 52-17

  • Arkansas 49-17. But Jacksonville St. “wins” the 4th quarter 10-7.

  • Bill Chou

    HOGS 39, J-STATE 0

  • Jim

    Hogs 65 – 6

  • Roadhog

    JL’s Hogs 45
    Jack’s ‘Cocks 3
    Defense makes a statement; offense coasts.
    Man, love that t’shirt. Gotta have me one o’ them.

  • Jim Dogg

    Theoretically, with Wilson’s experience and
    Davis’ return as well as an improved O and D line, this should be a walkover. I’m sure the coaches have run films of JSU and Mississippi to reduce overconfidence. But there are questions in my mind regarding prognostication. First is that the Hog coaches don’t want to give too much away in their first two games that will be useful to Bama (The Tide is at a disadvantage in that they have a quality opponent which will require them to go all out). Second, this game could give Mitchel and other QBs to get experience, but it would reduce Wilson’s stats for a potential Heisman run and NFL draft. I’m wondering if they’ll keep Mitchell underwraps to give Bama preparation headaches for two different QB styles. So which is it, ease up or go all out? Probably a mixture of the two. 43-10.

  • Austin Hog

    Hogs feast on Gamecocks for first of 2 times this year…

    Ark 48
    Jax St. 13

  • Little R

    Copying HogBlogger here. Or maybe after my double wins last year he is copying me…..thanks for the props btw! 😉
    Hogs 56
    Jax St 10
    Also, Razorback fans give a warm welcome to Jack Crowe as he enters the stadium……thanks for making up for the Citadel boo boo by beating a certain Ole Miss Rebel Black Bear coach 😀

  • Carolina Hog

    Hogs 51-10

    Wingo leads rushers, Allen leads passers, and Mckay leads receivers. Otherwise we don’t learn much, but thank god its here.

  • GolfHog

    I smell an upset. Arkansas 24, Alabama….. no wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.
    Arkansas 54-16

  • Bean counter

    Crowe drops his second in a row in Razorback Stadium, but this time Hog fans go home happy. Hogs 41-10

    • GolfHog

      The last loss was in War Memorial

      • Bean Counter

        Unfortunately, it wasn’t in LR because if it had been 1) I likely wouldn’t have had to endure it and 2) the LR fans might have rioted and burned that place down. In 1992, the Hogs played Bama, Ole Miss & SMU in LR.

      • Little R

        Bean counter’s right about Jack Crowe’s last loss related to the Hogs being at DWRRS…..Remember the Citadel? Unfortunately I do 😉
        So Jax St losing would make it 2 in a row 😉

  • oldskooljt

    Hogs dominate
    Hogs 48 – Jax St 10

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Hogs Are serious…..49-9 hogs dominate

  • Arch Hog

    Gross weather for the first day of football, but we get it done!
    Hogs – 34

    Jax – 9

  • Swineage

    Hogs 44 JAX 16

  • uvahog

    My earlier post is gone…??

    42-0 Hogs

  • T-towner

    It will be a very muggy evening, so plenty of sweat for all. I cannot imagine we will keep our starters in much past the first series of the second half.
    Hogs 45
    Mini-me Cocks 10

  • Jonesboro hog

    Hogs eat chicken for dinner

    Razorbacks 33
    Gamecocks 10

  • 58-17 Hogs, Smith let’s some youngster’s play some of the game after an early big lead.

  • pigsooietime

    hogs 41 – jax st 16

  • ThaHill

    Arkansas – 42
    Jax State – 13
    But it’s really not that close….


    49-0 Paul Haynes Defense punches Jstate in the mouth.