May 25, 2018

Alabama 52, Arkansas 0 No. 1 Alabama steamrolls Wilson-less Arkansas

Eddie Lacy ran for three touchdowns and No. 1 Alabama forced five turnovers in a 52-0 win over Arkansas.


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  • Porcine

    Just kick the field goals and keep from getting shut out. Why were we going for it?

  • NEA Alum

    As bad as I expected. The defense did make a better showing this week than the last two. Did Brandon Allen even make practice this week? As poor as the offense was, you would think that there was no game prep. O-line couldn’t block a decent junior high team. At this rate will we win ANY conference games? Thank goodness John L. is just interiem. Just goes to show how important the coach is. Talent can be there but the coach puts it all together.
    A long, disappointing season.

    • uvahog

      I’m feeling like Auburn and Kentucky are good chances for us to get a conference W, maybe Ole Miss. I mean ULM took Auburn to overtime and they had their starting QB the whole time. What I’m really worried about is that these two games are going to send us into a downward spiral and that we’ll lose next week to Rutgers, which, despite the humiliation of the past two weekends, would really be devastating.

    • Bill

      Incredibly tough game to watch … as it was there as evidenced by the empty seats in Razorback Stadium in the second half. And, that wasn’t weather related even though the rain was falling! This is the time to take off the red shirts of our freshmen CBs (and others) and let them get game-time experience. We’ll never get any better if we let Darius (+ others in secondary) play soft coverage and then have no physicality when tackling a receiver downfield. WE HAVE TO BE MORE PHYSICAL … OR DON’T PLAY THE GAME! I saw what ESPN talking heads were saying about Tyler Wilson’s comments after the game to media. He was being brutally truthful, right or wrong …. Where were our coaches to fire up our team? WE NEED THEM TO LEAD, DIRECT, INSTRUCT, AND BE A POSITIVE EXAMPLE. For our players to follow, we need our senior leadership — our coaches — to lead by example! Guess my military background is coming out. UA Alum & Life Member from Virginia

  • Sadyear suckbutt

    We need to beg petrino to come back fire everyone else coach sucks so does defensive coach.Even without Wilson we didnt even score a touchdown or field goal.Started 8th in nation had great season last year our Alumni need to quit letting sirry coaches get away with this hell Asu is better than us.Beg Petrino back we made a bigger mistake than him keeping this coach staff after Lmu.Im taking my razorbacks liscense plate back.Tyler Wilson if your smart youll quit before they get you seriously hurt we apprecite your toughness but if we cant score a single point without you playing it is too dangerous for you too play.Take my advice become a free agent NFL get you a contract dont ruin your athletic ability becuase of loser coaches we here at Arkansas are proud of you.If you get severely hurt playing with us this year would be terrible.It is sad to be a Razorback this year a discrace to SEC.

  • sad hog fan

    I say beg any coach to come in and take over!!!! HDN is available bring him back for two months to get us through!!! This sucks!!!!