February 16, 2019

Arkansas 49, Jacksonville State 24

ESPN.com: Tyler Wilson starts season strong as Arkansas rolls

Tyler Wilson set the school record for yards passing in a season opener, finishing 19 of 27 for 367 yards and three touchdowns to lead the No. 10 Razorbacks to a 49-24 win over Jacksonville State on Saturday night.


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  1. I’m not sure what to think about this team. It feels good to get a win after the stressful offseason.
    Wilson looked incredible – his passes were spot on all night. Davis looked quicker than ever. At times the Oline played well, and at other times fell asleep. Only 1 sack, which is great. It must have been wierd for Tyler this morning missing that feeling of being hit by a truck. Brandon Allen looked just as good as Wilson. It seems like we kept the offense pretty vanilla, and even then we scored at will.
    Special teams were not so special, except for DJohnson’s individual effort. Breeding’s punts were strange – an 80 yard kick followed by one off the side of his foot.
    Defense – ah, the defense. Pretty inconsistent, but not too bad. At times the Dline looked brilliant; at other times they were pushed around. I can’t understand after 4 years why Winston can’t play the ball in the secondary. T. Michel’s bonehead personal foul call was stupidity at it’s finest. Linebackers looked ok. Overall, it seemed like Haynes was holding back as there were very few blitzes called.
    Seems like folks are paniced about how many points Jax St scored. When you turn the ball over 3 times inside the 30, it’s not too difficult to score some points.
    The turnovers are pretty uncharacteristic. That will clean up with these guys getting hit more.
    I watched almost all the top 10 teams and with the exception of Bama, they all looked pretty much the same. No offense to Gus (pun intented), but A State cannot compete outside of thier conference. Georgia looked ugly against a pretty bad Buffalo team. USC and LSU played the cupcakes of the major schools, so hard to tell about them. South Carolina looked extremely bad against a marginal Vandy team.
    I really don’t think we’ll know where we are until Sept 15.

  2. Defense was terrible, more specifically, the secondary. It seemed that every time JSU needed medium yardage on 3rd, the DBs were consistently playing behind the receivers (some sort of prevent, I guess). Maybe on purpose, but inside the red zone? The much maligned “Willy Defence” was bend but not break in the red zone. The Hogs showed none of the tenacity of last year’s goal line stands. I’m sorry Soup, but at this point in time, the announcers had it right in that the Hogs do not have a defense compeitive in the SEC. Unless there is a change Wilson and Co. will just have to outscore their opponents and keep ahead of the scoreboard ( a Petrino philosophy). Razorbacks did not look good against the two JSU QBs. It seems that Jack Crowe has really learned how to coach offense. To anyone remembering the Citadel debacle it was the inability to score that killed them.
    One thing was said at the end was that it was the Hog defense that looked gassed. This is the result of Arkansas’ quick strike ability keeping the defense on the field too long. Unlike Soup, I think that the special teams did well. Breeding got that one out of his system, fortunately against JSU (Too complacent?). But Hocker (what a weapon) kept JSU at 25 or less (When they made the mistake of running it out). Holmes looks like the real deal and saves Johnson for kick off returns. Hogs will be exciting (MItchell and Allen showed a lot) but that defense… Is it ability, coaching. strategy… what?