May 26, 2018

Game Predictions — Alabama

For the first time in six years of game prediction contests, we didn’t give away an RBN T-shirt last week.  Of the 34 predictions that were made (including the RazorBloggers), no one picked the ULM Warhawks.

In the words of legendary Alabama alum Forrest Gump, “That’s all I got to say about that.”

Here we go:

Alabama Crimson TideWalking on Sunshine:  Last Saturday’s performance set the standard for futility on both sides of the ball.  The loss was unexpected and hard to comprehend for fans and players alike.  When doubt creeps in, confidence is lost…and that’s where I am.  With or without Wilson, this one will be as bad as St. Nick and the Tide want to make it.  Alabama 45, Arkansas 10.

HogBaller:  The Razorbacks stagger into this game looking more like an imposter than an SEC Western division team. One thing we know about Alabama is they are well-coached (something I wish was true of the Hogs) and won’t make many mistakes. The Razorback O-line can’t block and the defense can’t tackle. This one is over before halftime. I’m glad ESPN GameDay didn’t come to see it.  Saban’s Big Beefy Bama Boys 49, John L’s Infirmary 13.

HogBlogger:  Even though the Hogs are embarrassed and will be out to prove a point, they can’t get much better in a week on defense.  With no Tyler Wilson on the field…I hope the band is good.  Alabama 38, Arkansas 10.

TipsterHog:  Like several of you, I’m sure, I had this one marked down as a close loss before the season started.  But nothing I’ve seen from either of these teams in the last two weeks makes me believe this game will even be competitive.  Alabama 42, Arkansas 9.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “$800 tickets still available on StubHub” or “If a Sun Belt team can defeat an SEC team, then…uh…Arkansas can beat Alabama!  Hogs roll.”

  • TJ.

    Bama 38 Arkansas 13

  • OwassoHog

    Well… after last week’s stunner, I’m thinking nobody will be picking the Hogs… so, I’ll go 28-27 Hogs to win the t-shirt! 😉

  • Omahahog

    Hog 34 Bama 31 (doube OT?)

  • GolfHog

    Without Wilson Hogs need to win a defensive struggle 17-14 rather than give up a blowout like…..
    Alabama 41-0
    We should be able to do it. Haynes has hidden all of his schemes from ‘Bama. They have no idea what we have on defense.

  • GolfHog

    A comment:
    Everyone was in shock when the Petrino mess went down. A smart man would have bought himself more time and taken a long look at the consequences and controlling the narrative. Under the best circumstances this season was a transition. A smart AD should have had his eye on the future. Instead Long acted like a fan and just took a big gulp of the cool aid. The loss of Game Day is an embarassment we should have avoided, among others. The program is taking some unnecessary hits based on some pretty poor decision making. And for what? In search of a National Title? If we had the team which we don’t, or the coach, which we didn’t, that is the longest of long shots anytime, it’s lightning in a bottle at our level.

  • Chaserback

    I’ll stay with my preseason score: 21-35 Hogs
    Believe it or not, this team IS as good as everyone thought before the season. Unfortunately, people/teams do not always perform up to their potential, but sometimes they do…

  • I think Bama wants to prove points and put down the uppity Hogs, thinking they can be part of the conversation the past couple of years.

    Bama 30
    Hogs 3 (and the 3 only come in garbage time)

  • Ward Hog

    I can’t help to think that all spring, up to now, we’ve been preparing for THIS game. If Tyler plays, it could be a game for the ages. My heart says Bama 24 Hogs 28. A win, and we gain our respect back. Go Hogs Go!!!

  • I have no faith in these Piggies- However Hogs 33 Bama 32

  • soupdhog

    Hogs 30
    Bama 17

  • HB_NHB

    Nothing we have seen in the first two games tells us that there is any way possible for Arkansas to win this game….Defense is a joke, and offensively with or without Tyler Wilson, our play calling now cannot outsmart the Bama defense….Bama 52 Arkansas 17

  • uvahog

    Bama: 42
    Hogs: 6
    The embarrassment of last week, coupled with the Hogs’ ineptness in this game set the leaderless Hogs on a downward spiral that leaves us ineligible for a bowl game.


    Arkansas had the biggest drop in polls in their history last week. This week the hogs get biggest upset in history. They will be ready for this game. Go Hogs Go. Arkansas 31 Alabama 27.

  • texhogforever

    If ULM beats Arkansas and Arkansas beats Alabama, then the laws of physics no longer apply . . . Alabama 56, Arkansas 6

  • Arch_Hog

    It gets ugly in the Ville. No defense whatsoever…
    Hogs 17
    Bama 42

  • Bean Counter

    In the spirit of the Hogs new, innovative, informative injury diagnosis system of “above the shoulders”, “below the waist” and “somewhere in between”…We can talk all we want about our porous O-line and Defense which both need a lot of work, but we don’t need to forget that this situation was brought on by a “below the waist” problem that our former coach had. If I go with my “somewhere in the middle” I want to believe the Hogs will be like mad dogs backed into a corner and come out and win a close one. However, I think I’ve got to go with my “above the shoulders” and say the Hogs loose to Bama 35-14 (and I hope it is that close).

  • Jonesboro Hog

    A Shock in the Rock,
    A Thrill in the Ville.
    Hogs 13
    Tide. 10
    Bama misses the game tieing field goal. Game day wishes they were their to see it.
    Hogs unbelievably, some how grind it out for the win…

  • Hogs 38 Bama 35

  • oldskooljt

    This will be ugly
    Tide 42
    Hogs 10

  • NewYorkHogFan

    I will know how this one will end after watching the first couple of series. The hogs will either be mad, or they will be confused and unconfident. The stadium will either be rocking or it will be quiet. I don’t think we are as bad as we played last week. La-Monroe is not a horrible team and they were preparing for this game all spring and fall. Arkansas had not installed all their offensive or defensive schemes. The play calling was cocky, because the coaches thought they were one pass away from putting the game away. It was the perfect storm. I will give the Hogs the benefit of the doubt. Arkansas 31, Alabama 28.

  • Hogwilly

    56-3 Bama

  • isurveil

    Alabama 31 Arkansas 35 (OT)

  • herman


  • herman

    BAMA 45 HOGS 13

  • wth31

    After being promised inmprovements from the coaching staff the first week, and no improvements last saturday. I’m going with BAMA 35 Hogs 28.

  • Rodney Winkler

    Arkansas 28 Alabama 10

  • Ray Karpis

    No Wilson. No chance.

    Tide 41 Hogs 14

  • mother earth

    55 – 7 comes to mind, with Alabama being the team with 55, unfortunately. Please prove me wrong, Piggies!

  • hog in iowa

    Golfhog, I guess I’ve always been in the minority based upon how GameDay is worshipped of by a lot of people on this blog. I’ve just never seen why it’s as big a deal as it’s made out to be. It provides no benefit for recruiting, recognition, or anything else that I can think of, other than to allow people to make signs and yell their heads off at 10:00 am. Back in the day when there was a true “game of the week” and only 2-3 games were broadcast on Saturday by one of the 3 stations avvailable, that was truly a big deal. Losing Game Day is if no cconsequence to me, however, losing to ULM is a huge deal. The Hogs will survive but this was supposed to be tthe best year out of the next several due to the graduation off Tyler and several others and ithe inevitable change in staff.

  • T-towner

    Rainy Day in Arkansas, Lord it feels like it’s rainin’ all over the world. Tide gets washed away.
    Hogs 34
    Tide 24

  • Little R

    Yes, I’m a homer. No I haven’t been drinking 😉

    Hogs 21
    Bama 20

  • Nashog

    Hogs have no confidence, and go down hard and early.
    Bama 45 hogs 7
    I hate Bobby Petrino, he is to blame.

  • JimDoggg

    Ahah. Now the Hogs have Bama right where they want them. Overconfident as heck. Freshman QB. No OL or DL . A secondary that Jordon Jefferson could destroy. Knile Davis tip toeing thru the tulips. Hamilton hurt and Gragg disappearing. John L is a coaching genius I tell ya. It’s an ambush. Hogs 24 Ramadambama 21. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going back to finish the few drops left in the bottle of Jack that was full an hour ago.