January 18, 2019

Game Predictions — Louisiana-Monroe

Congratulations to reader apsalartoll for the closest prediction last week of 49-17.  Her quote: “Hogs win but Jacksonville State ‘wins’ the fourth quarter, 10-7.”  Fortunately, apsalartoll, we only used your prediction for the whole game to determine that you were the winner of an RBN T-Shirt!  😉  Nice job.  Your shirt should be on its way to you right now via USPS.  Hopefully you’ll get it before Christmas.

For those who just absolutely don’t want to visit our Contests page, here are the official rules:

  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined deviation from each team’s final score.  For example, if the Hogs beat their opponent 20-14, and your prediction was Hogs 21-17, your deviation would be 1 + 3 = 4.
  • Any ties will be broken by a random drawing.

Yep…it’s that easy.  The weekly winner will be contacted via e-mail (or Twitter or Facebook) for a shipping address and t-shirt size.  So make sure to login or fill out the e-mail address box in the comment form!

Here we go:

Louisiana-Monroe WarhawksWalking on Sunshine:  If you remember from past games with ULM, Coach Todd Berry likes to run blitz…a lot.  That, most likely, will hold down the Hogs rushing totals and make this one look pretty ugly.  Offensive coordinator Paul Petrino will take what he’s given, so the school record for passing yards in a game (510, Tyler Wilson vs. Texas A&M, 2011) may be in play.  Arkansas 42, Louisiana-Monroe 17.

HogBaller:  You will see a much more focused team this week, ready to prove themselves.  The defense looks more ‘SEC-like’ and the running game will be dominant.  Arkansas 55, Louisiana-Monroe 9.

HogBlogger:  Hogs answer some questions and create a few more.  Arkansas 45, Louisiana-Monroe 10.

TipsterHog:  Tyler Wilson spreads the ball all over the field once again to his plethora of weapons.  Defensive coordinator Paul Haynes keeps his cards close to the vest for one more week.  Arkansas 38, Louisiana-Monroe 13.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “John L. crank calls Chuck Barrett during the game” or “Rock…Smack…Warhawk.  Hogs roll.”


  1. A little embarrassed by last week’s lack of focus Hog’s ring the bell with their best performance to date. Alabama looms. Arkansas 56-17

  2. Carolina Hog says:

    Hogs 41-20. You are what you are until you start being something else. Pitch count for Knile stays fairly low as we get ready for our “super bowl”.

  3. Orlando Hog says:

    52-17 Hogs.

  4. Hogs tighten it up on defense and get the shutout I predicted last week. Let’s go D!
    Hogs 37 ULM 0

  5. Hogs improve on D… is it enough to stop Bama??? Hogs win 56-10

  6. Hogs play vanilla Cover-2 the whole game, still not wanting to show anything exotic on tape…

    Hogs 45
    ULaMo 24

  7. Hogs 56
    ULM 21
    Hope I’m wrong and the D has a chip on their shoulders the way they played last week and doesn’t allow more than 10 points. I also hope we don’t have as many turnovers that lead to the D to be on the field longer or more than they need to.

  8. hogs vanilla at best arkansas 52 ULm 14

  9. Hogs throttle down. 59-10 Hogs

  10. Hogs “D” shows up! Arkansas wins 45-7!

  11. Hogs 45 – ULM 10

  12. Ark: 42
    ULM: 21
    It’s still not looking good enough on defense going into the Bama weekend.

  13. Hogs win 48-10. Mitchell continues to shine at WR.

  14. Mike in Magnolia says:

    Wison adds to his stats for his Heisman run. Knile moves up the list as well.
    WIlson – 460 yds in 2 qts
    David- 110 yds with 9 carries
    Hogs -56
    L-M 10

  15. Bean Counter says:

    Hogs win their first road game of the year, 49-17

  16. Two possibilities here: If the Hog defense shows up and can hold ULM in the first two quarters, then P – S (Petrino-Smith) will go vanilla, based on confidence, to hide somethings from ‘Bama, so maybe 43-10. If ULM goes JSU on the Hogs, the ‘Backs may have to go all out to prevent the defense from losing the game, therefore Hogs 56 – ULM 24. I’m hoping that Haynes read the riot act to his secondary. I’ll go middle, Hogs 44-17. Did anyone else notice that the announcers wondered about a Wilson-Mitchell package implying what might be in store for Alabama? It worked the first time for Miles, second time not so good but that’s because Mile’s froze up. Wilson-Mitchell are far superior to last year’s undynamic duo at LSU. Combine the two QBs with a hurryup offense and no huddle. Hmm. Just sayin.

  17. Jonesboro Hog says:

    Hogs lay the smack down in the rock.
    John allows the defense to let them score a few, just to sike Bama out.

    Hogs 52
    Hawks 20

  18. Hogs work it up and down on the squawks.
    Hogs 45
    War hawks 16

  19. Ray Karpis says:

    Hogs 45
    Hawks 17

  20. Arkansas 49 L-M 6

  21. Hogs – 44
    ULM – 13

  22. Nuclearhog says:

    No questions answered
    Hogs: 48
    LMU: 24
    Rinse and Repeat

  23. pigsooietime says:

    hogs 51hawks 28

  24. Arkansas wins 45-20.

  25. hog in iowa says:

    Hogs 31 – 21

  26. oldskooljt says:

    Hogs D is a little better than last week
    Hogs 42 – Whats-their-names 10

  27. Guinness Snout says:

    Bland defense and inexperienced youth in 2nd half make scoring defense look worse than reality. There shouldn’t be a red blooded Razorback amongst us that will be worried about the point spread (or offensive spread for that matter) next week.
    UA – 52
    NLU – 31

  28. ark-56

  29. I Like Pigs says:

    Tyler gets some highlights for his heisman campaign. Hogs roll, 44-16.

  30. Squeezing in my pick at the last minute!
    Hogs 49
    ULM 10