June 24, 2018

Game Predictions — Texas A&M

Congratulations to reader Memphis Hog for the closest prediction last week of 31-24.  His quote: “Wilson is back, but the O-Line struggles to do anything closely resembling blocking.  I hope Wilson doesn’t get hurt again.”  Well, at least that was one positive thing about last Saturday…none of the players overnighted in the hospital.  Other than that and Cobi Hamilton’s 303 receiving yards…not much.

The silver lining for you, Memphis Hog, is that a gloriously white RBN T-shirt is headed your way.  Congrats.  Feel free to use it this season as a crying towel, if needed.  🙂

Here we go:

Texas A&M AggiesWalking on Sunshine:  For three years, we’ve had some wild fun down in Dallas at the Aggies expense.  It was fun while it lasted.  That all comes back to us in the form of an epic beat down Saturday.  QB Johnny Manziel throws for 300 and rushes for 100.  Texas A&M 47, Arkansas 21.

HogBaller:  Can it get any worse for this Razorback team?  To quote John L Smith, “I don’t know what to say.”  Maybe taking this circus on the road is just what the doctored ordered.  I’m going against my gut and saying the Hogs find a way in Aggieland.  John L. Smith’s Empty Chair 38, Male Cheerleaders 34.

HogBlogger:  Revenge is served.  The Aggies play ‘Welcome to the SEC’ on the Hogs.  Texas A&M 39, Arkansas 28.

TipsterHog:  For the last three years that the Hogs have played the Aggies, they’ve been getting a little closer to a win.  But this one won’t be close.  Texas A&M 42, Arkansas 24.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “The scoreboard doesn’t have enough digits” or “The entire state of Alabama is behind you!  Hogs roll.”

  • OwassoHog

    Aggies 49-Hogs 28… is it time to bring out the Saints brown paper bags yet?

  • TJ

    38-17 TAMU.

  • RK

    “Bowl game?! Don’t talk about bowl game. You kiddin’ me? Bowl game? I just hope we can win a game, another game.”

    Not this week…and that’s too bad because I’ll be at Kyle Field to witness the debacle.

    Aggies 41
    Hogs 20

  • hogs win

    hogs 41 A&M 37

  • tnarch

    How could our defense possibly improve enough in a week to help us stay in this game? Offense will need to score every time they get the ball..and well, we know that hasn’t been happening.
    My prediction…Ugly

  • GolfHog

    Sumlin has heard from the old alums all week, “It’s time to open a can on the Hogs.” Sumlin knows how to take apart a defense. We fooled him. We don’t have one.
    Aggies 62
    Long’s Folly 31

  • uvahog

    UA: 24
    A&M: 35
    Tantalizingly close until the 4th quarter.

  • HogSlop

    My momma always told me “if I didn’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.” That being said…
    A&M – 53
    UA – 24

  • soupdhog

    This actually sets up well for the Hogs. SC State and SMU each put up around 200 passing yards against A&M’s secondary with some below average QBs. If it’s one thing we can do, it’s pass the ball. This one is a shootout:
    Hogs 56
    A&M 54

  • oldskooljt

    Yep, the last three years we have handled these guys. This year is their turn.

    Aggies 45
    Hogs 27

  • oldskooljt

    Yep, the last three years we have handled these guys. This year is their turn.

    Aggies 45
    Hogs 27

  • bandwagon jumper35

    A&M-42 ARKY-17

  • classicalviolin

    Arkansas 6
    A&M 27

    Makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it…

  • NielsBoar

    Hogs 45 – 42.
    We get a couple of breaks and these kids start believing in themselves. Aggies find a way to lose. Hocker kicks a 49 yarder as time expires.

  • Yes we can’t! Hogs 14 TAMU 41

  • texhogforever

    Razorbacks continue their historic season!! Aggies 55 – Hogs 6

  • Nuclearhog

    Ugly game from start to finish. Rinse and Repeat
    Aggies: 30
    Hogs: 20

  • Bean Counter

    Hogs get gig’d. A&M 48, Hogs 28 ( and A&M’s QB throws for what feels like 9000 yards)

  • Hog in Iowa

    Team with Heisman candidate QB after this game 38
    Our team from Arkansas 20
    The horror, the horror…..

  • Aaron Jensen

    More mental mistakes from Houston Nutt’s, I mean J.L. Smith’s team Texas A&M 42 Arkansas 13.

  • Jim

    Texas A & M 49 Hogs 7

  • Dwillsooie

    Hogs show up with superior motivation, Witt the intentions to somehow rid this cloud over their heads. Abbie’s fight hard , but for once the HOGS are able to fight back . 21-17 HOGS

  • Defense Wins Championships

    I sure miss that former coach that brought the Hogs three West championships! A&M by 3 TD’s. Even BP did not bring Arkansas a West championship with a chance to win the conference. Enjoy! No defense! Hogs will get better but so will other teams. Has Arkansas ever had a one or two win season? It is looking more and more like that. Running game: Non existent. Defense: Only on paper; however, passing is really pretty. This will likely be a game when our QB is used as a bowling ball…no pun intended. It is time that college and pros quit sacrificing QBs and receivers to the lions as in Roman times. A shake up needs to happen. It is stupid to have a game where the QB is treated worse than a boxer. Yes, I know some fans like to see the QB brain get jarred around in their heads but would you want your son to be treated likewise?

  • herman

    game is over at hafetime hogs R.N.P

  • Hogs 34 A&M 28

  • MexiHog

    I haven’t posted my predictions in here this year, I think that’s why we’ve been losing. So I believe the Hogs get their act together for the first time this year, and win big.
    Im going with 49-21

  • GolfHog

    If the Butch Davis rumors are true it only proves that our administration is still in the old dysfunctional Broyles mode. I guess you can’t fix 50 years of inbreeding in 5 years. Butch is a mixed bag to be sure. It’s hard to say he is your best pick but, he made a splash at North Carolina. He would have made a lot more sense in April (or 5 years ago), if at all. Now, it just looks like another smoke screen sales job with little thought to the direction of the program.
    Hey, it’s what we do.

  • Swineage

    Ok. I’ll do it, even though I don’t really believe it. We pass, and pass and pass. So do the freaks in maroon. Hogs 35 TAMU 31. We win this one.

  • Jim Doggg

    The TAMU QB will have a field day (unfortunately) and TAMU will score points. The Hogs have shown no ability to come from behind and behind they will be early on. Defense can’t stop anyone from passing. Dual threat QBs have been a nightmare for Arkansas and Manziel is one of the best. Wilson and Co. can only do so much with the playcalling. The Hogs may get this turned around eventually and this game will show how much has been learned. Let’s look at the glass half full. LSU ran all over Auburn but couldn’t put War Eagle away. The USA only had two shots on goal against Mexico but one counted for a 1-0 victory. Hope springs eternal… but much to my chagrin, TAMU 42 Hogs 17. Only because Sumlin calls off the dogs.

  • NEA Alum

    Looking ahead at the remaining schedule, I see only two, maybe three (Ole Miss), POSSIBLE wins the rest of the year. If we are looking for motivation, it will have to come from the players ‘cuz it sure ain’t gonna be from JL, “I don’t know what to say”, Smith.
    Aggies 35 – Ark (94th best defense in the country) 9

  • NEA Alum

    As they used to say in Big Blue country this time of year, “hurry up, basketball.”

  • Johnhog

    Hog win wild one 42-41. Wps

  • HawgWild

    We have no chance in this game and most of the rest.

  • T-towner

    This is a painful existance as Hog fan this year. Hope springs eternal!
    Hogs 38
    Aggies 24

  • Bill chou

    hogs find their mojo.
    hogs 32
    tamu 30

  • Jonesboro Hog

    I just can’t bet against my hogs. I would hate to go down as the 2nd worst start in history with a team starting in the top 10. Tyler and company are able to out score that TAMU offense. Dennis and Davis combine to have just enough yards to keep us in the game on such a rainy morning.

    Razorbacks: 41
    Aggies : 38

    Hogs roll!!

  • porkedagain

    The Aggies aren’t the world beaters everyone seems to think they are and the Hogs are much better when they hold onto the ball…both teams turn the ball over twice which actually gives the Hogs a minus 0 turnover margin, a vast improvement (even though we will still likely be last in the nation in turnover margin next week)…the result?.. lots of yds in what will look like a Big 12 shootout….12th man pushes ags over the top unfortunately….Tex A&M 48 Ark 45 in OT.

    • Guest

      haha how did that turn out

  • GonzoHog

    Well, it doesn’t look good for us, that’s for sure, but I do think some of you guys might be jumpin the gun a little.
    There’s no getting around the fact we have a PR clown as an interim head coach. There’s no clear direction for this team because Horton, P. Petrino and Haynes are just as much the head coach as JLS is. That’s why we play with confusion the large majority of the time. No clear leader = no clear direction.
    Tyler Wilson inadvertantly left himself out to dry when he chose not to go pro. He never had a chance to see this this coming.
    With all that being said, I think this team still has enough team leadership to pull through on the road.
    Penalties have to be minimal, blocking has to be better by the O-line, outside containment by the DEs has to get better and the timing of the LBs hitting their gaps has to improve.
    Aggies are licking their chops at home with all that “12th man” bologne. Fans will be pumped for a win against the struggling Hogs. If it’s close early on, we might pull through, but another early push by the Aggies like last year in Dallas will surely sink us.
    I think it’s a close one with the Hogs coming up short. Aggies – 37, Hogs – 33.

    • Jim Doggg

      All things considered, you are partially right. But this game is going to be decided by the secondary as to whether it’s close or a blowout. Most importantly, the tackling of Manziel and the other TAMU RBs once they break out. What I’ve seen so far is missed or poor tackling or ball carriers getting 5 or more yards after contact in the secondary. That’s not even considering defense against the pass. Ugh.

  • Memphis Hog

    Sad to pick against the hogs 2 weeks in a row, but I’m down here in aggieland and these guys seem pretty dead set on beating us.

    Hogs 31
    TAMU 41

  • Guinness Snout

    54-48 a&m finally gets their first SEC win in a game that looks a lot like the big 12

  • I Like Pigs

    The Vegas line is a&m by 14. They’ll cover… and then some.
    Lassie – 39
    Tusk – 21

  • hegyeg

    Arkansas uniforms are the worst. No wonder they suck.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    I bleed not for us fans but I bleed badly for our players and coaches. Adversity is to teach us for the future and these folks are being taught in drag-line buckets this season. I do not think that it will take very much time to re-energize the players once AD selects a solid coach. Coach should be in the driver’s seat for a replacement. Coaches can see that Arkansas can compete. When a winning coach leaves, normally the next coach has a hard time of it. We now have that next coach and now the next one does not have to live up to BP. He just has to look solid in improving. Coaches at Arkansas tend to be put in a bad position with media and fan expectations and when those expectations do not pan out, the the fans tear the base down. Then, the base has to be re-built again. Hopefully, this will not be so this time around. The drop off this season should not last Long.