May 25, 2018

Louisiana-Monroe 34, Arkansas 31 (OT) Louisiana-Monroe stuns No. 8 Arkansas

Kolton Browning’s 16-yard touchdown run on fourth-and-one lifted Louisiana-Monroe to a 34-31 overtime win over No. 8 Arkansas.


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  • uvahog

    Well, as someone who advocated we thumb our noses at everyone and keep Petrino, I’ll just say it’s more fun being led by a sleezeball and win than this is. Wilson or no, this shouldn’t have happened.

  • hOGMAN33

    call BOBBY

  • OwassoHog

    Wow! First time I can remember that RazorBloggers failed to give away a T-Shirt!
    Also, best tweet of the game… “@RazorBloggers: Paul Petrino needs to phone a brother. ^HB”!

  • Razorfan

    Give credit to ULM, they were ready and played hard. Congratulations. We were not and did not. Second week in a row. The wheels have come off the cart and looking forward we may not even go to a bowl this year. The defense was suppose to be better but it is worse. Our offense is not as potent and may be crippled after tonight. As a team we don’t look like we are in condition. Start the search. And make it a darn good one.

  • GolfHog

    Grandpa Smith was a good gamble but we’ve come up snake eyes. Without Bobby this team has no focus, no fire and no play calling. That has to be some of the worst tackling I’ve ever seen. Keeping this staff together wasn’t the priority we thought. They’re free to go.
    Personally, I kind of like James Franklin. And, someone please coach Tyler to get down and stop taking all the punishment.

  • GolfHog

    Jeff Long may not be the best AD in America but he may be the luckiest. If this continues as it looks like it will, he can hire Derek Dooley or Gene Chisik if he wants to. It becomes a rebuilding job at that point.

    • uvahog

      I’m sorry, but I don’t think either of those guys would be good for Arkansas. Chisik got “lucky” with Newton and will never get Auburn back to beating Bama regularly, and Dooley, really?

  • Kentucky Hog

    They can say all they want about Bobby Petrino, but this would have never happened and he is about a 20 times better play caller than his brother. Bobby made a huge mistake, but we are all not perfect and Jeff Long should have given him a second chance. I really think that Smith should be fired due to this performance and let Tim Horton coach the team the rest of the year until we find a #1 type coach.