June 20, 2018

Rutgers 35, Arkansas 26

ESPN.com: Arkansas’ freefall continues with home loss to Rutgers

Gary Nova was 25 of 35 passing for a career-best 397 yards and five touchdowns to lead Rutgers to a 35-26 win over Arkansas on Saturday night.


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  • hognaustin

    Fire Haynes and Petrino immediately. Do we have a defense and do we have an offensive line? Oh by the way, sit Knile and play Dennis.

    • bbomber

      You are right! Petrino always runs Knile to the short side of the field. Give him more room to run on the outside! Haynes is a joke!

      • Defense Wins Championships

        Seems in the past that Miles did get his real estate on the outside. I had wondered about that. Not sure he is a slasher like Johnson.

        • Guinness Snout

          Miles Davis?

          • Roadhog

            Yeah Miles used to just blow right by everybody.

  • lewieb50

    You know what? Rutgers has about 5 guys at least who will be playing on Sundays. YES, the Hogs are screwed up, but Rutgers is a good club. Credit to their first-year coach and the squad Schiano left him.

    • WsKrides

      Thanks for acknowledging that Rutgers actually might have a decent team 🙂 BTW, I’ve read and heard from a friend who went down to Fayetteville that Razorback fans were quite warm & hospitable–thank you! I hope the fans at Rutgers & High Point Solutions can reciprocate next year.

  • Roadhog

    I thought sure the white helmets would turn the trick, striking awe into the hearts of the Scarlet Knights, but their players didn’t seem fazed by the headgear. Time for drastic measures. Black uniforms. Now that tradition has been abandoned, and in light of recent events, why not go with a biker motif? Black shoes and sox, black pants and jerseys with silver piping where the zippers would be, and, of course, black helmets. We could go with a skeleton jersey for Halloween and a Pilgrim look for our LSU game at Thanksgiving. Since we’re gonna get killed the skeleton look might still be en vogue. If these measures work and we win a few games, we might go back to traditional colors and a Santa Clause look for our Christmas bowl. Ya gotta keep trying new things till you dial up the right combo. You can’t just lie down and quit when there are real things you could be trying, working to salvage the season.

    • Jim Doggg

      Roadie I disagree with you at times, but you’re on to something with the skeleton uniforms. But only come out of the tunnel with them. No forewarning. It would totally distract the opposition and may even confuse the defenders as to where they should grab or tackle. The NCAA might not like it, but with uniforms now approaching Mardi Gras fashion, why not?

  • Golf hog

    Jeff L ong is a joke to sit by and watch this mess. Sure, under normal, or normally abnormal circumsta nces you have to bite your tongue. This is not that. These kids deserve a little leadership. He made a bad mistake. Give grandpa his $850k and let him go on with his life. Same for Petrino and Haynes. Let Horton and Allen finish this mess out.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    We have to remember. We love our football players. As Holtz used to say, “Nothing is as good as it seems or as bad as it seems.” Rutgers may be better than we give them credit with the Hogs being down so low. Same with ULM. I have to keep reminding myself, BP recruited the players and put the team on a downward spiral. They may be doing as well as they can do. BP, remember, started this spiral downward. If there is any blame, place it on BP. We will get out of this but it will take time. Yes, our AD DID ignore character issues with BP like talking on the side with boosters from AU about coaching their team at the same time that the job was not open and like leaving Atlanta Falcons in the lurch and not even talking with the players per reports. However, so did most of the fans ignore BP’s past. Hopefully, BP will get his inner life back together.

    I am wondering when the last time was that Arkansas had a one or two win season. I do not remember one. Lack of a running game will always kill you. Lack of a defense will always kill you. Oh, you may get close in some games but you have to be able to run, pass decently, and defense the other team. AD does not need to fire anyone. Let the next coach decide what they need. They now have women referees in the pros albeit temporarily perhaps. Since many vocal fans want to play sissy ball, maybe we need to consider tryouts (: Might as well add a little humor into the talk!

    We fans have a way of kicking coaches when they are losing and I suppose that is humanly natural whenever the AD rips fans on ticket prices and water at $4 a bottle (& provides NO water in the stadium worth drinking) and brings down thousands of dollars in salaries.

  • GolfHog

    The coaching on this team is truly the worst I’ve seen. And, I watched the last years of Houston Nutt.
    Running the ball on 4th down and the 2 point attempt?
    with a passing team? with our O-line?
    Playing man coverage with a walk-on and a freshman?
    any idiot could look at this team and see that they are going to pass on us. For this team to play bend don’t break the must play zone defense. They really have no other choice. I wish they did.
    The failure to make first downs?
    all of the exotic play calling is great for two minute drives. But, we can’t do that all the time. We have to make sure we hold the ball and make first downs. Then we can go deep. Some adjustments have to be made for the talent on this team.
    Basic Football 101 stuff. These guys seem lost.