May 24, 2018

Texas A&M 58, Arkansas 10 A&M claims first SEC win behind record Manziel

Johnny Manziel threw for a school-record 453 yards and three touchdowns and ran for another score to lead Texas A&M over Arkansas 58-10 on Saturday for the Aggies’ first Southeastern Conference win.


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  • Xhogt

    Hogs not only embarassing themselves…but also the State, Alums and the SEC. They are now known as quitters!

    • Defense Wins Championships

      They are not embarrassing me. I am the only one who can embarrass me. We need to lighten up and enjoy the fall. As they say, tough times do not last but tough people do. There is no other choice when we actually do not really know what is going on with the team.

  • JClayBell

    Embarrassed in College Station. Something has to change. Worst I have seen it in all my years. This kind of walloping would not have happened to a single one of our old SWC teams. Too much pride. Fire JLS and name Taver Johnson Interim HC for the rest of the season or we might not win another game.

    • Okihawg

      We will not win another game. Rebuilding is underway piece by piece starting with all the coaching staff.

  • Xhogt

    I like the way you think JClayBell. Might might be putting it lightly. I’m bitter right now so please forgive me. I love the Hogs but man are they making it tough for me as I have lived in Plano for 33 years and my Texas friends actually are feeling sorry for me. They ask me “what is going on up there?” and All I can do is shrug my shoulders and say I don’t know and I don’t have an answer. Your solution seems to be the first best step.

  • Dell Mann

    This coaching staff coupled with this team is beyond repair. Sad and sorry.

  • Porcine

    Ever since going up 28-7 on Louisiana Monroe, we have been outscored
    172-39. We had 3 good quarters, Rutgers- 1st (10-0), 4th (13-7), and
    A&M- 1st (10-7). Without those it’s 158-6. 3 of those points came on
    a 5 yard OT possession that started on the 25 yard line. Counting the
    last of the 3rd quarter + 4th quarter + OT of the Monroe game as a half,
    we have been outscored by an average of 19 points per half.

  • GolfHog

    I’ve never seen anyone with less feel for momentum and play calling than Paul Petrino. Every time he got a little something working he would immediately overplay or underplay his hand. He has to go! Offense is all this team has going for it.
    I hope Jeff Long is proud of what he has done. You can’t hang these kids out to dry simply to sell tickets.

  • 716 Total Yards Allowed. ZERO turnovers and ZERO sacks for the third game in a row. Wow.

    • Defense Wins Championships

      Are we just dreaming or is this really happening? Bad dreams generally awaken one to a brighter day. So, hopefully, we are just having a bad dream and not reality. I am ready to be awakened again.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    Was much worse than I anticipated. I really feel for the young guys and actually the coaches. I still believe that faith left the team with BP’s showing a lack of discipline after hammering discipline over the years into the teams. That cannot be understated because they are not pros for they are young people. I hate it and not looking forward to a pass-happy team coming into LR next Sat. Either this team is in depression (each personally) or we have a huge drug or alcohol problem. When things do not make sense, look under the cover and too many times to mention, when things do not make sense on a sports team or business environment when all should be better, look for drugs or alcohol. Attitudes that are skewed will send a person down, down, down. Time will tell. Patience is in order even when hard to do.

    I really do not believe our offense is that good and I think that is adversely affecting what Defense that we have. I do not fault the asst. coach. We can do nothing consistent on the ground. Running game is just not there. And I believe that the passing game is so so. None of that is helping the Defense. I sure feel for Miles and Wilson. I just do not know what else to think at this time.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    When things do improve either this season or next, we all need to remember how bad it feels to have our team have to go through the fire that just keeps on burning them and the fans. One thing that I wish for our fans is that we would not be so fast to jump on a new coach whenever things appear to be going bad. It causes a contagious build up of ill will. That just builds up ill will for our team and I believe adversely affects recruiting. Everything is connected. Attitudes can either sink our fan base and team or cause our fan base to soar. The attitude of gratitude is in order for these young men. Oh how, I wish our fans would learn a positive attitude toward our coaches and which also affects the team. The team is going through hard times and we need to be careful what words each of US chooses. Each of us at this time do not have all of the pieces of the puzzle to figure this thing out but time will tell what occurred and is occurring. I saw Tenn. today and they sure look like they are on the rise after many coaches there were being trashed just as they did to their former coach who graduated from Tenn. However, that particular coach had it coming for he trashed a former Tenn. alum who coached before him and I guess one could say “What comes around goes around.” And then he was done in by the same type of landmine sniping.

    How about our fans deluging our coaches and team with cards or letters wishing them well for the rest of the season? I am sending mine out tomorrow. Please join me.

  • JClayBell

    13 starters and 49 lettermen returned from the 11-2 team last year. I never believed that this team would make a run for the national championship this year, but to get beat by a Sunbelt team and by more than a 100 points in your first two SEC games. Inexcusable. The team we are putting on the field each week is not ready to play. Someone has to be held accountable. We expect better from the University of Arkansas #FireJLS

  • Albowwow

    Are you crazy! Coaches are paid to produce, athletes get scholarships to try their best, this was the number 3 ranked team last year and in the top ten preseason. Both the AD and Coach should be gone….

  • Guinness Snout

    Can we please retire the white hats now? I know why the asu fans were so upset at our new uniforms. We are tarnishing their red and black color scheme.

    • OwassoHog

      Absolutely… they are HORRIBLE!

  • Jim Doggg

    I know this is hard but calling for firings at this point is… well, pointless. We’re stuck with this mess can only hope that it will sort itself out post season. The blame for this rests mostly on the coaches. The team is unmotivated, poory trained, and poorly … no scratch that, incompetently directed. but what can you expect? … A “head coach” on a short term contract and assistant coaches who all know they are going to be replaced. At the beginning of the season I thought that pride in their profession would help the team. I think now that they are all looking for jobs. Some have been calling for the team to be led by Allen and Horten. Sure, give the job to a guy who has pushed his own kid into backup QB when another more exerienced player would have been more logical. Consider this… Allen will be gone next year so I’m thinking that he felt that his kid will be too so this is the time to give him a shot. Unfortunately for the younger Allen, the disarray has made it difficult for him to make his mark.
    Also, remember Allen was pitching in the spring against a defence that the worst Division 111 QB would look good against. I maybe wrong about this nepotism but I wonder if there is now a depressed attitude among the players involving a number some of these types of issues.
    What to do? I don’t know. Firing coaches who will just take their money and run? The coaching fraternity is composed of good ole boys who take care of their own. These guys have friends elsewhere (Bobby maybe?). I don’t think that these coaches are as bad as the results seem to indicate. I just don’t think they care. Paul Petrino was a failure as an offensive coordinator at Ilinois, so I’m not surprised there. But the others? The only way some dignity will be restored is if the kids themselves take it on to themselves to work hard and improve. Tell them to play at least as hard as the guys from Towson State who gave Les Miles some gray hairs. Another lesson in not having your team ready.
    Insofar as TAMU is concerned: I said after their game with the Gators that this is a team that will Influence the SEC West, perhaps even win it. Unless the Hogs were not a good yard stick I still believe that. Defense is right, Gotta stay the course or run the coaches out of town on a rail. But that won’t be good for future coach recruiting. As I said before, any AD will now look at the Arkansas situation and consider it the worst of all evils.

  • Roadhog

    This is all very sad. It does no good, however, to heap scorn upon the players, the coaches nor the administrators, or we would be playing championship football right now. I see on the message boards that fans, including me, have been cycling through the various stages of grief over the loss of what was expected to be an exciting season. For the most part I have arrived at acceptance that this team is just not very good and likely will not win another game this season unless somebody turns things around.

    The only hope I see for this team to become competitive–not necessarily to win but to compete equitably–lies with our running game. Our defensive backs lack talent, and the secondary appears to be the team’s greatest weakness. But we have talented running backs, so that is one part of the team with potential for improvement. Developing a running game would take some pressure off the defense and the passing game.

    I know we have lost our two best halfbacks. I don’t know whether the offensive line can learn to run-block. If I were the head coach I would be working overtime to develop a running game. Even if the effort were to fail, matters could hardly get worse than they are now. Without a running game we are looking at 1-11.

    • Porcine

      I have been telling people that for two years.