December 12, 2018

Game Predictions — Auburn

Congratulations to longtime reader Texhogforever for the closest prediction last week of 55-6.  His quote: “Razorbacks continue their historic season!”

Ah yes…and the Hogs help pass out SEC Offensive Player of the Week awards like nobody else!  Ugh.  Oh well, Texhogforever…the good news is your RBN T-shirt is on its way.  (Really?  That’s the good news?)

Here we go:

Auburn TigersWalking on Sunshine:  This is a pretty good draw for the Hogs this week facing a weak Auburn offensive unit. That said, it may just mean we hang around till the second half before crashing and burning. Aubie is more like Rutgers, less like Texas A&M.  Auburn 31, Arkansas 23.

HogBaller:  I think the game is one of the remaining “winnable” games left on the schedule.  But, having seen how this staff has prepared each week, I’m not optimistic.  The Razorbacks keep it close for 3 quarters but the defense makes Kiehl Frazier look like a real QB and helps Chizik stay employed for another year.  (Silver lining?)  Chizik’s War Eaglets 31, John L. Smith’s Circus 24.

HogBlogger:  Is Auburn’s offense worse than the Hogs defense?  This game could be a toss-up, but Missy’s red shoes are 6-0 on the road and she plans on wearing them to the game.  Arkansas 31, Auburn 24.

TipsterHog:  I’d like to believe this is the week when the Hogs turn it around and head into the next three games with some optimism.  That’s what I’d like to believe.  Auburn 27, Arkansas 17.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Kiehl Frazier is no Kodi Burns” or “Tigers oversleep.  Hogs roll.”


  1. OwassoHog says:

    Yawn… ZZzzzz… wake up!!! there’s still a Razorbloggers’ t-shirt on the line here! Going with the upset… Hogs pull this off 35-28 in 9 overtimes!

  2. It could happen. It won’t. Chizik’s kids have something to play for. Our kids need to start playing for fun. We’re not good enough to play with that monkey on our back. Auburn 21-17.

  3. Um I say 42-35 hogs Wilson is gunna come out with all guns blazing our team is just fighting for a w so I say Wilson passes for 400 plus yards Saturday wps go hogs go

  4. UA: 31
    AU: 24 A momentary respite from disaster.

  5. PAUL ECKHARDT says:

    arkansas 65 to aburn 41..

  6. HungryHog says:

    I wanted to use the line: “Down goes Frazier..” But I don’t think we have anyone that could knock him down. We sure don’t have anyone that will wrap him up and drag him down.

    War Eagle Tigers 38
    Paul Petrino 17

  7. Hogs finally create a turnover, surprisingly enough off an int in the 4th to break the norm and save a win threatened by a 4th quarter Tiger surge!
    HOGS – 31
    TIGGER – 28

  8. I’m through anticipating the “breakthrough” week. I don’t think anything can overcome our abysmal defense.

    Eagle-Tigers – 30
    Most Disappointing Team in History – 17

  9. No offensive player of the week for Auburn…Frazier can’t get it done even against the Hogs secondary but their running game still gets some points. Tyler’s back!
    Hogs 41
    Tigers 31

  10. Our defense makes Auburn’s offense look like it is NFL caliber…Tigers 31 Hogs 24

  11. Tampa Hog says:

    Another oppossing QB has record breaking numbers against our vaunted Defense. I believe that would be four out of five on the year. How do we rank 121st in the nation in rush offense with Knile Davis and Dennis Johnson. Oh, wait because our defense can’t stop anyone and our offense has to come from behind.
    Tigers 31
    Hogs 10

  12. oldskooljt says:

    Until we prove we can stop somebody, I have to pick against the Hogs

    Aub 34
    Hogs 20

  13. This is the week, and the difference will be Zack Hocker. Ark 38-35. Since ULM, we’ve all been in shock, but I’ve finally awakened from my depressed stupor and I’m betting the Hogs have also. Frazier will make plenty of plays against our Defense but won’t quite match Tyler’s boys. Woo pig! Snap the streak! Turn the Titanic around! Put out the fire! You can do this. You can do this. You can do this.

  14. texhogforever says:

    Since I won the coveted t-shirt last week I’ll give the rest of you the opportunity for glory this week. However, I do have a prediction: Charlie Strong will NOT be the next Razorback head coach.

  15. Bill Chou says:

    Maybe this is our only chance.
    Auburn 21
    Razorbacks 22

  16. Not sure what to say. Our DTs can’t penetrate, our DEs can’t contain the outside and our LBs are consistantly out of position. Our O-line can’t block and our young WRs can’t run their routes consistantly. Tyler has no help without Chris Gragg because everyone will double team Cobi and Knile can’t take a handoff with fumbling,….did I leave anything out?
    Oh yeah, Hocker looks like he’s back in Jr. high again….jeez. No one plays,…NO ONE.
    Maybe there really is something to the “CBP fallout” theory. Everytime he leaves a program, they seem to fall apart. Same thing happened at Louisville.
    It’s becoming more apparent JLS is just along for the ride. He should’ve never come back unless he was willing to take the bull by the horns and show some innitiative on the sidelines.
    I help officiate Jr. high games on Thursday nights and even some of the coaches i’ve seen in those games show more involvment with their team than JLS does with the Hogs. It’s terrible.
    Oh yeah,….my prediction?….we find a way to lose,….again….Dual-threat QB,…do I need say more?

  17. hognaustin says:

    We have a “King Maker” defense – every QB this year has had a “career” game against us. And if you look over the last 4 years, several QB’s have had such games against us. So the Hog’s defense will make Kiel Frazier look like a “Big 12” first team QB – 400+ yards passing. It will be ugly, ugly, ugly. Auburn 49 Hogs 17. I won’t be watching the game.

  18. hog in iowa says:

    The mighty mighty Auburn Tigers 34
    Our guys 17
    Kiehl 100+ rushing 2 td passing (his career day)

  19. hog in iowa says:

    TAMU qb Johnny Manziel has secretly transferred to Auburn this week and Gene Chizik has ruled him immediately eligible for this weekend’s game. Word is that Manziel is looking to transfer to Kentucky next week. The NCAA is busy trying to figure out a pattern to Manziel’s behavior.

  20. Jim Doggg says:

    Let’s see. Auburn held LSU to 12 points but only got 10 themselves. Much of this survival was due to screwups by the LSU offense. Also Mettenberger is turning out to be a flop. Arkansas’ problem is that it can’t score in the red zone while Auburn has shown it has trouble getting there. Seems logical that this will be a game of field goals. 18-15 Hogs. But nothing is logical with the Arkansas program. Tyler should put up big numbers but getting a TD? Frazier will put up good numbers too but will get help from McCaleb. Zack better kick that sucker out of the end zone or it’s Katy bar the door.

  21. Jonesboro Hog says:

    Im afraid that our stunning defense is gonna make Kiehl Fraiser look like Michael Vick. But Tyler and company is none the lesser. Dennis and davis run there hearts out No rain no fumbles. Hogs manage to pull this one out in overtime

    Razorbacks 34
    War eagles 31