May 24, 2018

Game Predictions — Kentucky

Congratulations to Jim Doggg for the closest prediction last week of 18-15.  His (excerpted) quote: “Arkansas’ problem is that it can’t score in the red zone while Auburn has shown it has trouble getting there.”  Yep…and we’ll take it.  As one writer said after last Saturday’s loss, Auburn officially took over the mantle as the SEC’s biggest train wreck.

Congrats Jim…you’ve more than earned an RBN T-shirt with your pick as well as your regular commentary here.  Now let’s see if this team can get on a roll.  Here we go:

Kentucky WildcatsWalking on Sunshine:  Remember a few years ago when former Kentucky Wildcat John Pelphrey said, “Sometimes a warrior just has to kind of lay down on the ground for a minute, just stay there for a second, and have a good bleed.  And just bleed.”  That’s what Joker and the Wildcats do on Saturday.  Arkansas 34, Kentucky 10.

HogBaller:  I don’t think even John L. can mess this one up.  The Wildcats will make the Hogs look like a top 10 team again.  We’ll see quite a few new faces on the field as the injuries continue to mount but the Hogs will still run, pass and blitz Kentucky out of Razorback Stadium.  Arkanasas 38, Kentucky 10.

HogBlogger:  The Hogs’ offense is going to have to score a bunch to protect a wounded defense.  They will.  Arkansas 38, Kentucky 24.

TipsterHog:  Could there be hope on The Hill that this team can enter the second week of November above .500?  One step closer on Saturday.  Arkansas 34, Kentucky 19.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “They play football at Kentucky?” or “Sorry Joker…it’s going to be a dark night.  Hogs roll.”

  • OwassoHog

    Ok… we haven’t scored a ton of points yet but I’m going 35-13 Hogs… my comment for the game will only address one aspect… crowd size… 55Kish. Sad how quickly this has fallen!

  • uvahog

    UK: 14
    UA: 31
    Number 2 in a 4-game winning streak that ends in Columbia.

  • Arch_Hog

    Hogs – 27
    Cats – 21

    An ugly win.


    hogs- 48

    cats – 17

  • tnarch

    Hogs continue to work on the run game, but Tyler connects on a couple of quick strikes. Defense hasn’t gotten off the roller coaster.
    Hogs 38 Cats 20

  • oldskooljt

    The Hogs are bad…..but UK is REALLY bad

    Hogs 38
    Cats 20

  • GolfHog

    Timing is everything. And, the Kentucky game always looks like it should have been played on Halloween. They hold the series edge 4-2. This week is no different. The Hogs can’t handle success but they do handle Kentucky. In a wild one…..Arkansas 24-17.

  • T-towner

    Every time I think we will walk over UK, they jump up and surprise. A bit nervous, but these guys are NOT The Big Blue from Lexington.
    Hogs 34
    Mildcats 7

  • Roadhog

    Hogs 35
    Cats 17
    Jimm Dogg stumbles and fumbles and Roadhog takes home the swag!

    • Jim Doggg

      That’s hilarious. Well, roadie you know what they say about blind hogs and acorns. I like your pick but just to be different, I’ll say Hogs 27 – Cats 7. Haynes new found defense should rattle KY and their inexperienced QBs (the ones that they have left) and I still think Arkansas has trouble in the red zone (Hope I’m wrong) thus the two Hocker FGS. This is at home and at some point in the game the Hogs should break out and take advantage of their offensive edge.

  • hogman33

    hogs 42
    cat 28

  • hog in iowa

    HOGS 53
    UK 10

    Hogs petition SEC office after this weekend to be allowed to play Auburn and UK again this season.

  • ThaHill

    Simply because no one has picked them yet. I’m going to go with the “$1 Price is Right bet”.

    Kentucky 17
    Arkansas 14

  • Bean Counter

    Back on the bandwagon (at least for a week). Hogs 28, Cats 10

  • HogSlop

    Last week our boys got just a taste of victory, tonight they want the whole glass. I think their hungry and are not going to be embarrassed at home again.
    Hogs – 38
    Wcats – 13

  • I Like Pigs

    Red helmets – 33
    Blue helmets – 14

    Both fan bases wonder when basketball season starts.

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Hogs come out in there smoked out grey uniforms.
    Wilson does his thing thows 300 no int. 2 touchdowns.
    Dennis and Davis rush for combined 150 yards behind our now aggressive O-line. Our D steps up tonight for some turnovers but still allows points on the board.

    Razorbacks: 34
    The Joker : 24