May 24, 2018

Game Predictions — Ole Miss

Congratulations to longtime reader Hog in Iowa for the closest prediction last time of 53-10.  His quote: “Hogs petition SEC office after this game to be allowed to play Auburn and Kentucky again this season.”  And we’ll even promise the SEC office to play four quarters against UK next time!

Congrats Hog in Iowa…and thanks for visiting here regularly and providing great commentary.  Also good to hear you’ve already received your RBN T-shirt.  Just in time to wear it proudly under your heavy winter coat.  😉

Here we go:

Ole Miss RebelsWalking on Sunshine:  No doubt that Hugh Freeze has the Rebels playing improved football these days.  We should get a better feel for whether the Razorback defense has made any improvement.  I think this one turns into a shootout, with the Hogs having a few more bullets this year.  Arkansas 41, Ole Miss 30.

HogBaller:  The Rebels are more than capable of winning if the Razorbacks don’t show up.  The Hogs need to keep playing better on defense and protect Tyler Wilson on offense to have a chance.  I think this team continues to show improvement on Saturday.  Arkansas 42, Ole Miss 24.

HogBlogger:  Hogs ride their new found confidence and Little Rock provides its magic.  Arkansas 35, Ole Miss 28.

TipsterHog:  While the anti-Nutt fervor has died down, this is still a huge game for both teams.  The Hogs start slow but (for once this year) don’t dig too deep of a hole and survive…barely.  Arkansas 31, Ole Miss 30.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “CHILL!  CHILL!” or “Black Bears are in season.  Hogs roll.”

  • OwassoHog

    Hogs 38-21… why? who knows after the last time in Little Rock!

  • Suds

    Arkansas 41 – Ole Miss 27: Everything is a guess with this team, but I believe the defense is playing inspired. They should be able to hold down this Ole Miss offense.

  • NewYorkHogFan

    Hugh Freeze is loved in NE Arkansas, but he will not find Arkansas so friendly this weekend. He has his team playing well. But the talent level does not compare to Arkansas. Arkansas 52, Ole Miss 28.

  • oldskooljt

    Hogs make it 3 in a row….but we still have a long way to go

    Hogs 38
    Ole Miss 27

  • paul eckhardt

    hogs 58
    ole miss 24

    hogs will treat ole misses defense like texas did @ ole miss this year.

  • tnarch

    Two teams with no big wins, but one with a big chip on its shoulder. Hogs work on proving themselves bowl worthy.
    Hogs running wild 45
    Rebels yell for help 17

  • Roadhog

    Hogs have a great first quarter, then suffer a turnover in the second. Mistakes destroy team confidence, things start to unravel. One turnover, one TD, one FG in second half. Rebs run wild in the fourth quarter. Hope I’m wrong.

    Hogs 20
    Rebs 31

  • GolfHog

    Fans finally finish that party in Little Rock, Bears are not back.
    Arkansas 42-27

  • hog in iowa

    Tyler makes it thruogh the whole game this time in WMS and the difference is obvious. Defense gets as few take-aways and only gives up one big play.
    Hogs 31
    Weebels 17

  • classicalviolin

    Razor Rock gets the game they want.
    Hogs 35
    Misses 9

  • It’s tight cause it’s early- late fumble proves cold porridge for black bears- Hogs 34 Rebel Alliance 19

  • I Like Pigs

    Three in a row?
    Hogs 33
    Rebs 30

  • Bean Counter

    I’ll go with 3 in a row, 35-17 hogs.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    I will stick with a Hog win at 31-17. Just do not want a Heisman-type game from Moncrief who Hogs apparently did not recruit.

  • texhogforever

    Ole Miss 34 – Hogs 31. Rebs have a coach, Hog’s don’t (does this score sound vaguely familiar?)

  • T-towner

    Texas is pitiful. Hogs really are better than Horns—–and we have these Rebeal/Bears in LR, not Oxford.

    Hogs 48

    Rebs 21

    • T-towner


  • JimDoggg

    Hocker may be the difference in htis game, both with FG and kickoffs. Hogs 36 Rebs, Black Bores, or what ever 28. I hope the game is not that close. I wonder if Tyler will be on a mission considering all the disrepect he’s been getting (left off of the O’Brien award). Thanks for the shirt. I’ll wear it under my hoodie for good luck (I hope) at the game tomorrow.

  • Porcine

    Hogs – 45
    Rebels – 35

  • Jonesboro Hog

    With me living in Jonesboro, all I ever hear about are how Hugh Freeze and his great uptempo style offensive mind will give the hogs all they want down in the rock. By what I’ve seen this season that could give us some trouble. I believe we won’t play the perfect game, may miss some style points but so will Ole Miss. Which will end up making a great 5 pt game for the Loud Little Rock crowd!

    Tush Hog Razorbacks: 33

    Rebel-n Black Bears : 28

  • Okie Hog

    We continue to struggle in the Rock… But pull it out in the 4th quarter
    Hogs 27
    Reb Bears 17

  • Nuclearhog

    F is for Fantastic
    Hogs: 36
    Bears: 17


    Ole Miss 30, Arkansas 27!