May 25, 2018

Go Big or Go Home

With the losses mounting for John L. Smith’s Razorbacks, our attention is slowly gravitating south on Razorback Road.  Mike Anderson’s squad is less than two weeks away from starting their practices on October 12.  We can’t wait.

It’s always going to be easy for Mike to get guards and forward types to play in his up tempo system.  Athletic guys, guys that are tough, mixed in with a few sharp shooters…those ingredients can be found.

But when we learned before the Alabama game that 6-10, 225 center Moses Kingsley had committed to the Hogs, joining Little Rock’s Bobby Portis (6-10, 225), our ears perked up a bit.  ‘Bigs’ are hard to get.

Anderson and his staff’s relentless work on the recruiting trail seems to be paying off.

Portis and Kingsley are a perfect fit — big men who are not afraid to work and can run the floor.  And it seems like together they will complement each other with their respective strengths.

“I think me and Moses were like the best duo in the nation this past summer,” Portis said.  “What I didn’t do good, he did good.  What he didn’t do good, I did.  It is a perfect combo.  We just fed off of each other.”

Kingsley’s commitment instantly vaulted the Razorbacks into every Top 10 team ranking for the 2013 class.  Rivals now has the Hogs #8 overall, ESPN #6.

Rebounding and shot blocking are Kingsley’s strengths.  His offensive game is a work in progress.  Playing against better competition at Huntington (Va.) Prep this season should help his skill development.

Portis is the definition of high energy.  A power forward type that can score, his ball skills are advanced.  Good mid-range jumper already.  Plus, did we mention he can really run the floor…WOW.  Hog fans are more familiar with Portis since he has been committed to the Razorbacks since August, 2011.

Good times are ahead for this team.  Improvement will be evident this season, but the Hogs 2012-13 roster still looks to be a bit undersized.  That won’t be the case in 2013.

  • HungryHog

    Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting.. A Razorback recruiting class in the top 10?!?!? Mike Anderson knows what’s up.

  • GolfHog

    I like Mike!

  • Porcine

    Getting the Big men was the only concern I had in getting Mike Anderson. I am pleased with the results.

    Please NO Larry Johnson quotes.