May 25, 2018

Game Predictions — Mississippi State

Congratulations to longtime reader oldskooljt for the closest prediction last week of 34-21.  His quote: “Another payback Saturday.  Here’s hoping Tyler Wilson survives the game.”  Fortunately, Wilson did survive…no thanks to his coaches leaving him out there during a blowout.  Oh well…it’s been that kind of year.  The good news is we have enough inventory to keep giving away RBN T-shirts after every blowout!  Yours is on the way…congrats JT.

Here we go:

Mississippi State BulldogsWalking on Sunshine:  Look in the dictionary for the definition of overrated, and you will find a team picture of the 2012 Mississippi State Bulldogs.  Their three conference wins have come against teams that are a combined 0-20 in SEC play.  We’re not good enough to take advantage.  Mississippi State 33, Arkansas 30 (OT).

HogBaller:  Razorback fans are starting to shift their focus and discussion to basketball and the pending coaching search. Facing a determined Bulldog team on the road doesn’t make for an easy matchup, but the Hogs just might have one more win in them.  Arkansas 31, Mississippi State 28.

HogBlogger:  The bit gets totally spit.  Mississippi State 38, Arkansas 17.

TipsterHog:  In honor of Mississippi State’s fixation on hashtags:  #WeBelieve #HailState #WinsBig.  Mississippi State 35, Arkansas 20.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Liberty Bowl dream stays alive” or “Bulldogs more bark than bite.  Hogs roll.”

  • Chris M

    ms. State 42-21. Hogs shiw fight dogs bite late

  • OwassoHog

    Hogs squeeze out a road victory as MSU continues to fall… setting up a must win vs. LSU to gain bowl eligibility!

  • khayne44

    Love the Razorbacks, but the season is over, the next to games are losses. Arkansas 28 and Miss State 44

  • TampaHog

    Miss State plays to the cow bells. Hogs put up a fight, but just can’t get it done.
    State 31
    Hogs 24

  • The Voice of Reason

    This is the year that all the teams we beat up the past few years hit us back. Last week was SC, this week it’s MSU.
    MSU 35
    Hogs 20

  • oldskooljt

    Thanks for the shirt, ‘Bloggers!! As for this week…

    Hogs don’t get blown out…but still fall short

    MSU 34
    Hogs 27

  • T-towner

    I haven’t come close much this year, so do not think me picking the Hogs is a good sign!
    Arkansas 34
    MSU-South 24

  • GolfHog

    Mississippi State can throw. ‘nough said.

    MSU 28-17

  • hogoffate

    No extra practices for a bowl this year…..sucky sucky
    MSU 28 Hogs 20

  • Bean Counter

    State in StarkVegas is always tough on us, but I’ve got a feeling (or maybe just delusional). Hogs 35, More Cowbell 31.

  • Chaserback

    Offense has a big night — Dennis Johnson 100+ … Cobi Hamilton 110+ … Herndon (foreshadowing a 2013 breakout year) finds his grove with 5 for 80 — but again, can’t get it done in the red zone. Secondary gets picked clean. MSU 31 Hogs 23

  • classicalviolin

    Dog bowl is the only bowl… MS 28 Arkansas 20

  • MemHog

    Time to put a bad dog down…. Hogs 31 puppies 21

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Hogs come out looking good! Wilson to Hamilton. Dennis and Davis running strong. This game is all for the marbles to make a bowl game. With the cowbells ringing it makes for a lil defense struggle. After a much needed turnover, the hogs respond with the game winning touchdown. Hocker misses no FGs this time in Starksville cuz he won’t have to kick any, but extra pts.

    Razorbacks: 28
    Bulldogs. : 27

    Headed to Starksville to call my Hogs!!

  • UARzrback

    Mississippi State 38, Arkansas 27

  • Porcine

    Hawgs 31-30.

  • hog in iowa

    Arkansas holds on late as both teams squander chances throughout the game to put the other away.
    Hogs 27 – 24

  • Nucbrian

    Cause ya gotta have faith, faith, faith, yeah ya gotta have faith!
    Hogs. 27

    Dawgs. 24

  • Nucbrian

    Hogs. 30

    Dawgs. 27

  • HogSlop

    This one should be close and it feels like another payback weekend, but the Hogs have a way of toying with and then crushing the fan bases emotions. We win this one but not next week. Thank you Z. Hocker!
    Hogs 34 Dogs 31