May 24, 2018

Game Predictions — South Carolina

Congratulations to reader Swineage for the closest prediction last week of 17-14.  His quote: “I’ll take it.”  Considering how this season has gone…we’ll take a win over Tulsa, too.  Congrats Swineage…you are free to take a spiffy new RBN T-shirt for your winning pick.  It also can double as a dishrag.  Enjoy.

Here we go:

South Carolina GamecocksWalking on Sunshine:  The Hogs have had South Carolina’s number for the last couple of years, including a rout two years ago in Columbia.  With the Gamecocks defensive front playing lights out, this could be a long day for Tyler Wilson and the offensive line.  Looks like another payback Saturday.  South Carolina 37, Arkansas 20.

HogBaller:  The Hogs appear to be running on fumes at this point in the season.  Even without star running back Marcus Lattimore, the Gamecocks should have no trouble with an injured and depleted Razorback squad.  South Carolina 34, Arkansas 17.

HogBlogger:  We usually play well and win against the Gamecocks.  But there’s been nothing ‘usual’ about this season.  South Carolina 34, Arkansas 21.

TipsterHog:  Tyler Wilson’s dialog with the referee after getting viciously sacked by Jadeveon Clowney: “Hey Ump…how ’bout a warning?”  Ref: “Sure, kid.  Watch out you don’t get killed.”  South Carolina 31, Arkansas 17.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “It’s a morning game so Spurrier can still play 18 holes afterward” or “Don’t be Cocky.  Hogs roll.”

  • GolfHog

    If there is one theme to this season it is coaching. Steve Superior is one.
    Paybacks are Hell!! South Carlina 45-14
    Duck Tyler, don’t throw that ball.

  • OwassoHog

    The nightmare continues… Hogs loss big 48-24

  • Swineage

    Thanks for the props from last weeks prediction. So hear we go. I think it’s a weird game in Columbia and also believe we might take advantage of that. Tyler gets hit a few times and DJ runs the ball all day long. It’s Hogs 34 SC 31. Obviously a spoiler. WPS!

  • classicalviolin

    Prepping for LSU… SC 31 – AR 13

  • T-towner

    One of my twins is traveling to the game with me! We would not go that far and fail to see a major Hog upset, would we?
    Hogs 31
    Cocks 27

  • hog in iowa

    SC has everything the Hogs don’t want to see… a mobile QB, great DL. I’m afraid this is going to be a long day.
    Gamecocks 38 Hogs 13

  • tnarch

    After the election, the only thing I can predict is that two teams show up and there will be a football game. Hogs 24 Roosters 34

  • Roadhog

    Michael Strasburg made what I thought was the most inspired pick of last week, Hogs 19.5 to 4. The 19.5 was the closest pick for the Hogs’s score, and the 4 was the difference between actual scores. His comment “I don’t care” shows what can happen when true ambivalence is gained. Using that metric i am going to pick. . .
    Cocks 42
    Hogs 28

  • Defense Wins Championships

    South Caroline 45

    Arkansas 12

    “Three field goal is all that Arkansas scored as they continued to set records going backward. South Caroline rolls.” They Hogs are undermanned. Next year is almost here! Recruiting must make huge gains for the defense.

  • texhogforever

    Gamecocks 44 – Hogs 3. Its payday someday comes Saturday.

  • Chaserback

    Homer special here:
    Hogs 41
    Gamecocks 38

  • oldskooljt

    I’m with Sunshine – another payback Saturday coming. Here’s to hoping Tyler Wilson survives the game…

    Hogs 21
    USC 34

  • JimDoggg

    Hope springs eternal. Hogs 31 G-Cocks 28. My irrational reasoning? SC has had trouble in the past with the Hogs. I think it’s because the ole ball coach hasn’t, doesn’t take Arkansas seriously. In that regard, it might be a trap game. Overconfidence and lack of intensity, that’s where the hope comes in. SC has had a disappointing season now that the East title is out of reach. Can they get up for the Hogs with Clemson down the line? Given his druthers, Spurrier would prefer to beat the Tigers rather than the Hogs. However, and it’s a big however, can Arkansas get out of it’s underachieving and undisciplined playing. There is a bowl possibility herein and I don’t think that MSU is out of the question. Unfortunately, I think that the Hogs’ chances are wrapped up in the coaching strategies. Correct me if I’m wrong, but with Lattimore out, Arkansas has more offensive weapons than the G-Cocks (Hamilton, Wilson, and Johnson still have something to prove). Maximizing that offensive potential (learn rrom previous games – hah) and put pressure on Shaw. Don’t let him have Heisman numbers. Don’t just depend, as LSU did at the end, on leaving the rush up to only the two defensive ends. Also, need to improve on the red zone woes. This game will tell us whether the coaching staff has just given up and unfortunately infected the players.

  • CoachingWinsChampionships

    Hogs just have the Chickens’ number. Knile and DJ combine for 250, Tyler throws the ball through the clown’s mouth. Arkansas 28-21.

  • Arch_Hog

    Hogs – 17
    the other USC – 31

    Hogs score first….and then hit a wall!

  • UARzrback

    South Carolina 34 Arkansas 10

  • Jonesboro Hog

    I seem to think the cocks are about as beat up as we are after completing murders row. Just don’t see them firing on all pistons today. Arkansas takes Tennessee advice and protect the QB. Hogs win in a defense squeaker.

    Razorbacks: 20
    Gamecocks: 17