April 22, 2018

Game Predictions — Tulsa

Congratulations to longtime reader Roadhog for the closest prediction last week of 31-20.  His quote: “Mistakes destroy team confidence and things start to unravel.  […]  Hope I’m wrong.”  Not that we didn’t want to give you an RBN T-shirt…but we wish you would’ve been wrong, too.  Ugh.  But congrats Roadhog on the closest pick and thanks for all your regular commentary here on the site.

Here we go:

Tulsa Golden HurricaneWalking on Sunshine:  After last week’s tough loss in Little Rock, I get the feeling that whatever air was left in the balloon has completely leaked out now.  Tulsa and Nebraska transfer QB Cody Green are good enough to win this game.  A bad week for Hurricanes.  Tulsa 28, Arkansas 27.

HogBaller:  Homecoming normally equates to a win for the Razorbacks…but this year has been anything but normal.  With the way this season has gone, any Razorback victory is far from certain.  Tulsa is riding a seven game winning streak, and will play the Hogs tough.  Arkansas 31, Tulsa 28.

HogBlogger:  I’m about to totally give up, but maybe Wilson will start being a real quarterback again instead of just trying to play catch with Cobi.  Arkansas 28, Tulsa 24.

TipsterHog:  Tulsa has lost 17 straight games to the Razorbacks since 1976.  Surely the Hogs will make that 18 in a row on Saturday…right?  Right???  Arkansas 35, Tulsa 31.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Is it basketball season yet?” or “Hurricane washes out.  Hogs roll.”

  • GolfHog

    We haven’t beaten a good team. Good teams are well coached. It’s hard to play without coaching. Tulsa 34-31

    • HungryHog

      Agree with GolfHog here. Coaches have beaten us all year long. I get a little tired of people blaming this season’s mishaps on poor recruiting. ULM doesn’t recruit players over us, neither does Rutgers (or HDN at UM). We have been out coached this year. Happens again on Saturday, very unfortunately – Tulsa 31, Hogs 28.

      • texhogforever

        I picked Ole Miss to win by 3 last week and my quote was, “Rebs have a coach, Hogs don’t.” Same thing is true this week . . . . Tulsa 28, Hogs 21.

  • I don’t even care 19.5 to 4 Tulsa

  • Swineage

    I’ll take it. Hogs 17 Tulsa 14.

  • Roadhog

    It’s in Fayetteville, homecoming, and the crowd support will cause players to forget how badly they have played as a team all season and will luck out by a field goal: Hogs 30, ‘Cane 27.

  • classicalviolin

    Shoot out. Tulsa 13 Homecoming Hogs 37. Otherwise we didn’t pay them enough.

  • tnarch

    Predicting a score for this team and its coaching staff is
    like predicting when we get the first snow and how many flakes will fall. But I’m still supporting my team!
    Hogs 27
    Tulsa 24

  • Tampa Hog

    Arkansas plays a bend but don’t break defense this week, as Tulsa is forced to try four (4) field goals, suceeding on two (2). DJ once again breaks 100 yards rushing as the Hogs bounce back in a 34 – 20 Win.

    • Jim Doggg

      Sorry, but bend but don’t break, ha ha ha ha. You haven’t been paying attention. Ole Miss and other opponents practicing their 2 minute drills. Best success for Hogs has been pressuring the QB. Ole Miss is a better team than Tulsa, so if the piggies do it right on defense (especially in the latter part of the game – and reduce bonehead coaching judgements), Hogs 31 Hurricanes 28. I do like your prediction Tampa and think that the Hogs can make it happen.

  • OwassoHog

    Even though this team is in the road side ditch, Tulsa still loses 38-17!

  • oldskooljt

    Man I don’t know what to think anymore. This is pick is more ‘heart’ than ‘head’…

    Hogs 34
    Tul 31

  • Bean Counter

    Last Pick for a Hog victory this year and we’ll get a little crazy with this one.
    Hogs 42, Tulsa 21

  • T-towner

    It takes a full four quarters instead of three minus, but the same a UK———-
    Hogs 49
    ‘Cane 7

  • NewYorkHogFan

    I hate the say this, but after the Ole Miss loss, I fear that many of the players and coaches just want to get the season over with. It would make Tulsa’s season to beat us. They have had an extra week to prepare. The Tulsa quarterback will have a career day. Tulsa 38 Arkansas 20.

  • Porcine

    Hogs 38-28.

  • UARzrback

    Tulsa 35 Hogs 28

  • Memphis Hog

    Hate to do this, but the Hogs are gonna get down, feel some adversity then put their tail between their legs and go hide for the rest of the contest. The D is forced to spend more than their fair share of time on the field and Tulsa piles it on late to get the headlines.

    Hogs 17
    Tulsa 38

  • HungryHog

    17 Picks.. Apathy setting in..

  • Hog in Iowa

    Hogs 24 Tulsa 17

    purely a guess.

  • Roadhog

    Got the T-shirt today and, as expected, I look great in it! Glad to get the pre-anthracite edition. All that remains is to get Roadhog stitched front and back and Roadhog will be stylin’ all-American. Thanks Razorbloggers.net!

  • Jay DubYa

    Arkansas 29 – Tulsa 22
    We need to win 3 more games to be bowl eligible – Get this win – come on Hogs!

  • Jonesboro Hog

    Hogs do business on Tulsa, just don’t see this one being close. Tulsa thought we would be a top 10 team when they played us. Turns out we play like one. Razorbacks play mad.

    Hurricanes: 20
    Razorbacks: 44

    Hogs roll!