June 24, 2018

John L. Smith Will Not Return As Razorbacks Head Coach

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Department of Athletics Statements

Jeff Long: “With our 2012 football season concluded, I met earlier today with Coach John L. Smith to inform him we would be making a change in leadership within our football program.”


  • robhog47

    John L Smith You Are Banned From The State Of Alabama, Oh I Mean Arkansas!!! LOL

  • OwassoHog

    Jeff Long, I’d like to meet with you to inform you that I’d like to make a change in leadership within our altheltic program… EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

    • OwassoHog

      *athletic*… too frustrated with Jeff Long to even spell correctly!

  • loshogg63

    My heart is with the players,Mr. Long Mr.Smith both are no longer needed at Arkansas

  • Mike in Magnolia

    Call me stupid but I don’t understand the Jeff Long hate. Could someone explain it to me? I’ll hold off judgement until a new coach is picked.

    • Defense Wins Championships

      Mike: A hater hates because they even hate themselves. It is a process whereby they have dug themselves into such a deep attitude trench (think Mariana Trench) that they just do not know how to dig out. When we get a new coach they will also finally hate him, too, regardless of the quality of the man hired. It is a long practiced way of life for haters. Just be glad that they do not live in YOUR household! We can only hope that they finally get it.

  • Andrew

    Lets stop with the Jeff long talk, regardless of what you think, because he just got a contract extension and a raise. It’s done. Move on.

  • Jeff E

    The hate comes from the same people that have run off legendary Frank Broyles, ran off Nutt, ran off quality recruits, the Gus Malzahn cult, and the Gus Malzahn mob, (not kidding either) mostly because they will stop at nothing to get him the job at Arkansas, so they can accomplish their ultimate goal which is to destroy the school for a long while, and rig a few games in the process. They feel like Long is too smart to fall for it, so they’re doing to him what they have done to hundreds of others, slander and defame them, in an attempt to bully their way into more and more power. Jeff Long has done nothing wrong at all, so they’re just doing what they always do, lie and slander to accomplish their ultimate goal. They
    are getting desperate though, because even the retards at the NCAA are going to catch up to him eventually, and they’re afraid the next coach will be there before they can get him the door, to accomplish their ultimate goal which is severe NCAA sanctions. Most Arkansans are dumb by nature, but a lot are finally catching on to what they’re also.

    • GonzoHog

      Seriously?…..that’s your post?

  • Chris Petersen is trending….a lot of chatter.

    • Hawgfan100

      I wish…is there anything to this or is it just noise?

      • I can’t imagine anything happening before Dec 1st…so I would say smoke but no fire for now. But interesting nonetheless.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    Wishing JLS the best in his future.