April 22, 2018

South Carolina 38, Arkansas 20

ESPN.com: Shaw guides No. 8 S. Carolina to 6th SEC win

Connor Shaw threw for two touchdowns and ran for another score as No. 12 South Carolina beat Arkansas 38-20 on Saturday.


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  • GolfHog

    Paul Petrino IS the Houston Nutt of the passing game.

  • JimDoggg

    Oh well. Undisciplined, to say the least. Best thing was the players played hard and can’t be faulted for that. Still getting beat on the edge. Worst thing was pass defense. Especially on the play where the trialing db made the wrong decision to break right for double coverage when the left db was beaten badly. Must have had in his mind that the receiver on his right was going to be primary. Bad decision probably in great part due to inexperiece. Maybe the coaches were right, as bad as the dbs are in zone defense they are worse in man coverage. Don’t blame the players tho I still feel the coaches are not coaching, Wally Hall thinks that Wilson should rest and Allen should get snaps. As long as Wilson is willing to play, let him play. Although, he was playing against the reserves at the end, he did make the score more respectable. Padding his stats will be good for future employment. I for one, would rather see Mitchell get back for experience since he most likely will be here next year. I’m guessing that Allen will transfer. I’m not sure, at this junction, but will coach Allen let his son go up against the likes of MSU and LSU defenses and be embarrassed? (remember how well this OL is at protecting Wilson). I also think that the new coach will try to bring in an experienced QB, most likely from a JC. See below as to what a new QB can do.
    So now do we talk (speculate) about the new coach? How can Gus Mahlzahn not be in the equation, if he wins the SBC and a bowl game? He will have done what Freeze did at ASU and if he wins the bowl, will top him. Seeing what Freeze has done at Ole Miss getting them to a bowl after a disasterous Nutt season will make it difficult not to consider a guy with similar credentials. Also, Freeze got himself a transfer QB, Wallace, from ASU who beat the Hogs. I’m not promoting Mahlzahn just trying to get some discussion going.

    • Roadhog

      JD,I would be happy to see Malzahn coaching the Hogs. If he were to fail then try somebody else. Right now I don’t see many other more attractive candidates. All the candidates seem to have skeletons (vertebrate beings), baggage, issues that prevent them from being the perfect choice. Malzahn will not have the opportunity to win that bowl game by mid-December, a target date that Jeff Long has mentioned. I am not in the know about candidate-coaches except for what I read on sites linked here. I’m just trying to contribute to the discussion you asked for.

      One point in particular: I do not agree with those who say we must get a coach with Arkansas ties. I think being a homeboy creates as many or more problems than it solves.

      As for this team, I don’t know what is left to say. I feel bad for the players, especially those who have been injured, who have worked so hard and endured so much for this disappointing season. Better times will come again.