May 24, 2018

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly — Tulsa

Some random thoughts after the Razorbacks’ win at home over the Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

The Good

  • [singlepic id=1666 w=240 h=180 float=right]Congratulations to Cobi Hamilton for setting the single season receptions record (69) Saturday afternoon.  Hamilton, who also won the Crip Hall Award, still has three games to go and will likely break Jarius Wright’s single season receiving yards record before the season ends.
  • On a windy day in Fayetteville, Dylan Breeding was a difference maker.  The senior averaged 58.3 yards per punt — the third highest single game average in school history — on three punts, including a 69-yard boomer in the second quarter that was downed inside the 5-yard line.

The Bad

  • The line judge on the west sideline must have been busy eating a hot dog and missed Dennis Johnson’s fourth quarter, 1-yard TD plunge.  Johnson was well past the goal line but, incredibly, it took a replay review before it was declared a score.
  • [singlepic id=1654 w=180 h=240 float=right]After posting seven tackles Saturday, starting middle linebacker Terrell Williams went and got himself arrested for DUI just before midnight.  Williams, a senior, is suspended indefinitely and leaves an already thin unit even thinner for South Carolina.

The Ugly

  • Tyler Wilson keeps taking hits and his coaches aren’t doing him any favors.  With numerous play calls emptying the backfield, coaches have been allowing defenders to get a clean shot and nail Wilson all season.  When asked about the pounding his quarterback took on Saturday, John L. Smith replied, “The bruises and hits Tyler took don’t hurt nearly as bad after a win.”  Translation: ‘I don’t care.’

Of course, we can’t possibly mention everything that was “Good, Bad and Ugly.”  What did we leave out?

  • Jim Doggg

    This is about the Razorbacks and it’s good. Just be patient. What is the best way to lose a football game when you’re ahead with 2 minutes to play and facing an experienced or competant QB and adequate receivers and you gottem deep in their own territory? Why go to zone coverage with no pressure on the QB. Consider these recent examples.

    1. LSU – Bama. Miles (or his defensive coach) allowed McCaron in his last series all the time in the world to let his receivers find the open hole in the zone . Miles probably thought the worst Bama could do was tie it to go into OT. Wrong. Get down the field fast enough and go for the win. Earlier in the game when LSU was in man McCaron didn’t tempt fate and made his stats look bad. LSU was also at times pressuring with other than the two defensive ends. Miles went from gambling to get an inside straight (fake FG) to being ultraconservative.
    2. Michigan State and Nebraska. MSU has one of the best defenses in the Big Ten. Yet with the game in the final minutes, no pressure on the QB, and Martinez picked them apart with his passing and running. In fairness to D’Antonio, the refs gave the Huskers a gift of pass interference on 4th down where even the receiver said he wasn’t interfered with. (See below)
    3. Arkansas vs Ole Miss. Am I the only one who believes that if the Hogs had put pressure on Wallace that the Rebel’s final series had far less chance of succeeding?
    Why are coaches so enamored with zone coverage at the end of a game (or half?). Presumably to protect the corners and DBs by keeping everything in front of them. This makes sense if there is 30 seconds left and no timeouts for the opponents. I’m thinking that one of the strategies for Arkansas next 3 opponents is to save time outs for 2 minute drills. One other reason, is the fear that the DBs will get a pass interference call, as happened in the Spartan-Husker game. Most likely with man coverage. Letting the refs help decide who are going to be the winner and loser. (Can anyone all this paranoia after the panthom personal foul in that infamous Florida game?).
    Now how do you win a game with aforementioned scenario? You pressure the QB and have close coverage (I’m not sure what Arkansas coverage at the end was, but with pressure I’m betting man). If a QB has to wait and find the best open receiver and he hesitates just a few seconds he’s ripe for a sack, or as transpired, a fumble. This was what McCaron was faced with the previous LSU defense. Threw a lot of passes away. Great job by Smith (C.) and the coaches. Won the game. I think earlier, although Green recovered quickly, a blitz package may have picked up one of those shotgun fumbles Green had.
    Can there be a category of poor or mediocre? Both teams blew chances to win the game so both deserve a C-.
    I also don’t consider the blown call on Johnson’s TD bad. Lot’s of those bang bang plays are missed. But that’s what they have replay for something I have always supported. Embarrasing for the offical but not bad. I fact it should be applied to “out of bounds hits” just for another. If a man is not yet out of bounds he’s fair game.

  • GolfHog

    You gotta love Cobi. On the other hand, the rest of that bunch must drop a lot of balls in practice. Tyler has very little interest in throwing to anyone else. Even when he is double covered Tyler will go there over another wind open reciever. I do wish Tyler would do a better job of protecting himself. This season is not worth getting hurt over. Throw the ball away and see if Paul can call another play.
    19 points? Really? Now that’s ugly.

  • RobHog47

    The Good – Cobi Hamilton

    The Bad – Coaching Staff

    The Ugly – Hits Tyler Wilson Takes

  • Roadhog

    Good: Dennis Johnson. A big day for him overshadowed by Cobi Hamilton. I would argue that DJ’s contribution was as great as Cobi’s.

    The bad: How bout that “roughing the kicker” penalty after having held them to a FG try. To me, that play says a lot about the failures of this team.

    The ugly: Smallest crowd of the season at DWR. Homecoming, too. That should be a sign for the administration: You can’t expect to fill the stands unless you field a competitive team. If you want to see joy in Hogville and enjoy a little job security, you had better hire a really good FB coach.

    I have no more expectations for this team, but I will continue to watch. I think the players and fans should just try to enjoy the game as much as possible and hope for the best the rest of the season. I see no reason to point the big foam finger of failure at any one now.

    The next big event for the fan base will be the announcement of the next head coach.

  • texhogforever

    Sunshine you’re right–JLS couldn’t care less if Wilson gets knocked out for the rest of the season . . . and I fully expect him to get hurt next week against a tough South Carolina defense unless PP wake’s up and call smarter pass plays . . . . .these coaches heads are in the next job. Tyler, take off and run the ball man!! at least you’ll have a fighting chance.

  • Swineage

    Glad to see us come out with a win. Looking to SC. I don’t expect that anything there will come easy. I’m just hoping Tyler gets more protection. SC’s D is much bigger than Tulsa.