May 24, 2018

Wisconsin 77, Arkansas 70 Wisconsin 77, Arkansas 70

Overcoming an 11-point halftime deficit, Sam Dekker fueled the Badgers and scored 19 points to lead Wisconsin past Arkansas 77-70 in the third-place game of the Las Vegas Invitational on Saturday night.


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  • Defense Wins Chapionships

    Does this indicate a Long, losing season in basketball? Hopefully not but I was never sold on the current zillion dollar coach but let’s give him a loooooong chance to get it going. Coaches always say their team will get better. That is normally true but the problem is the other teams generally get better, too. Maybe when the coach has the opportunity to recruit his style players, the team will take off. Don’t know how good Long is at picking a basketball coaches but he knows that he flubbed in Pittsburgh by hiring an NFL football type who was fired after Long left. I agree with his statement of what he requires in a coach and hopefully, he will be able to find that person who meets his shopping list. If he finds him, the future teams should be much better. However, just as it is with Anderson, it takes time to turn things around and our fans seem to be short on attention span and then the acid becomes too much in their stomach to hold, and they let it go on the coaches & players. This time around let’s play nice as fans.

    Talking about Defense. That ND defense looked quite solid. Love to see how they match up with Georgia or Alabama and at this point I think that it may be Georgia’s time to shine.

    • GonzoHog

      Saban and the Tide almost always shine in the big games. Georgia has a lot to prove these days.
      Personally, I don’t believe Georgia has the guns up front to handle the D-line Bama has, plus Bama’s O-line will wear and tear on the Georgia D-line by the 4th qr.
      I’m not buying into the A&M loss like a lot of people outside of the SEC will.
      That was nothing more than a wakeup call for Bama and Georgia will be the recipiant of yet another beating at the hands of the SEC elite. (LSU in 2011)
      Follow that up with the dismantling of a very over rated ND team, living on,…well,…luck.

      • Defense Wins Championships

        I am not a ND fan but they sure played smart in the USC game; however, USC has made a few other teams look good too! ND defense looked solid.

        And by he way, how does Arkansas’ returnees look on the D line and O line?

    • OwassoHog

      Hmmm, Heath got 5 years; John got 4 years; does this mean that Mike gets 3 years? Something tells me that he gets 5 years.

  • Defense Wins Chapionships

    Better play next time!