May 24, 2018

Arkansas 95, Alabama A&M 68 Arkansas 95, Alabama A&M 66

Marshawn Powell scored 20 points and Arkansas made its first seven field-goal attempts in a 95-68 victory over Alabama A&M on Saturday night.


  • jim Dogg

    It’s hard to get a handle on how good (or poor) this team can be from playing all these rent-a-win teams. GonzoHog has said that this team lacks consistency and that’s true but Anderson is trying to play as many as he can to better judge their future game value. It’s hard to develope a team rhythm with that going on. It also takes time for players to develope the defensive tempo and sense that Anderson requires. The good is that early the Hogs were competitive against good teams. The bad is that three point shooting and free throws tend to be erratic. Also good is that SEC basketball is really down and the Hogs have a chance to get to the Big Dance if the players (and Anderson) can figure out how to win on the SEC road – not an easy task as statistics have shown for all SEC teams. My amateur take on this team, at this time, is that it has the talent to beat any SEC when they are hitting on all cylinders with their pressure defense, 3s, and FTs. If not they can be upset by any team, especialy away from Walton.
    One curious thing I have noticed that seems peculiar. Last year Mikelson’s major value was in swatting away shots. This year not so much. Is it Mickelson or the referees? Several blocks in this game were called fouls that looked clean so I wonder whats’ going on?
    FYI for Razorbloggers. Running back J. Williams, who will probably be the feature back next year, is from Allen, Texas, a suburb north of Dallas. His high school team won the Texas State 5A football championhip last weekend. (5A is the largest classification). This is Allen’s second championship in the last few years and its spinoff school Lucas Lovejoy has been a competitor for state honors in its division although it has existed for only a few years. Allen is a hotbed for football. Its new stadium seats about 30,000. It has an indoor practice field and has as many amenities as many colleges. Add to this the band is the largest high school band in the nation with 885 members! Allen is also where the Dick brothers came from. Now this is not just a shoutout to Jonathon (or the Dick brothers) but to point out that Allen has a 15 year old sophomore QB (yes, I said 15) who ran for two long TDs and passed accurately as well. I would suggest that the honchos on this site check out that game and this young phenom. (Attendance at Jerryworld for the game was almost 49,000 – yes 49,000 for a high school game!) Thanks to Williams, the Dick brothers and others the Hogs have a connection with Allen and its coachs and need to follow this kid up. (His father, I am told, played for TAMU)He’s not that big just fast, blazing fast and has a teamate who’s just as swift. Oh,and Houston Lamar, the undefeated team that Allen beat, had a much older QB, built the same way, just as fast and with a great arm. Scouts are going to be drooling over these two kids. As I said guys, check it out.
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