May 25, 2018

Arkansas 97, Alcorn State 59 Arkansas 97, Alcorn St. 59

Marshawn Powell scored 18 points, leading Arkansas to a 97-59 win over Alcorn State on Saturday.


  • Jonesboro Hog

    When it comes to the NBA, my son and I are more a Heat fan than anything…When it comes to our Razorback team I consider BJ Young and Marshawn Powell to be our miniature D-Wade and L-James. Which when its all said and done BJ and Powell may enter the NBA draft, which brings me to my meaning. This team that Anderson has/wants is built to play deep! Deep. thats why I love the direction this team is headed. Playing all those really good teams and the Italy trip, couldn’t had been better for these hogs. Even if we were to lose BJ and Powell to the NBA I still see this team being great for years to come. Especially when 9-13 players are scoring every game..