May 25, 2018

Bielema Introduced As New Razorbacks Football Coach Bielema introduced as Arkansas football coach

New University of Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema was introduced as the 32nd head coach of the Razorbacks on Wednesday in a press conference in the Raymond Miller Room of the Broyles Athletic Center.


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  • GolfHog

    Personally, I was impressed. He is clearly a top tier talent. He appears to be what you’d get if Les Miles and Nick Saban had a baby. And, if he succeeds, he will be here long after those two have gone into the Hall of Fame (if he doesn’t replace them.)

    I think it really says a lot about Arkansas Football that, for the second time, a quality coach has chosen this program as vehicle for success. In the new and evolving world of college football, Arkansas is one of the winners. Certainly the SEC is a great calling card and, we are long famous as the only game in town. But, I think our location in the near Midwest as well and the rural nature of NW Arkansas are appealing to coaches wanting to recruit high character kids.

    I hate that we back to rebuilding again so soon. And, although Bret looks like a fine hire, the whole staff, recruiting, rebuilding thing is far from certain. Sure he will need plenty of time for his player development style. But anytime you find yourself here there are no guarantees of success.

    Congrats to Jeff Long. I know he will sleep well for the first time this year.

    • GolfHog

      When Petrino came in he got Mallett, Wilson, and the three Amigos. Bret needs to sign Tenpenny.

      • Joe

        I don’t believe Pertrino got all three of the Amigos. Two were already committed, as well as Gregg and Johnson. Certainly, Tenpenny could be very good in the new offense, but if you look at Wisconsin recruiting coming out of HS Montee Bell was only a 3* with only 6 scholarship offers. If Tenpenny does switch, I hope he is even close to Bell.

      • Hawgfan100

        He’ll need the right kind of OL to put in front of him as well. Not sure if what we have on campus at present can be molded into what CB likes to have, at least quickly.

        I would dearly love to see Davis and Williams run behind a line whose main focus is opening big holes for them.

        Does CB’s offense use the FB position? I’ve heard he runs a pro set, and that should mean relatively little work for Smalls, however he also seems flexible so…

    • headhog


  • GonzoHog

    Does anyone know which (or if any) current assistants on the staff will be retained by Coach Bielema?

    • Carolina Hog

      I don’t think it’s been said, yet. I personally like our staff. I think the problem was at the top and with the offense. I think the defense was often made to look worse by an offense who couldn’t control the ball or take advantage of opportunities. Will we keep Horton for relationships in the state? I can’t see o-line coach sticking around because I think CB wants a different style there. Should be interesting.

    • The staff at that we follow is saying that Horton will be retained and Allen will likely be retained in an ‘off the field capacity’.

  • Jm Dogg

    I’m laughing my head off (actually another part of my anatomy. Long kept an inscrutable smile on his face like the cat that ate the canary absent a feather on the mouth. Meanwhile the Long haters came out in full force looking for a scapegoat for something that was B. Petrino’s fault alone. The Board gave Jeff a raise and the Longophobes went ballistic. They blamed Long for faulty judge of character and the disasterous last season by not rushing into hiring a new coach. My guess is that the Longophobes are divided into two camps: One which wanted Long to keep Petrino and were disappointed that Long did not use some self imposed Ohio State standards and one camp which hates Long for the UA getting shuck of Nutt. These folks have never gotten over Nutt’s leaving and have been further inflamed and incensed by Petrino’s success and Nutt’s failure. So dump on Long. Now Long’s detracters not only have egg on their faces but a grand slam beakfast.

    For those Long haters consider this: The Hogs have snagged the most succesful Big Ten coach BM (Before Meyer). Three sucessive conference titles, All Americans and recently he was smart enough to grab tthe most underrated QB in the country, Russel Wilson. Bielma is top drawer and it justified waiting (who could have predicted that the coaching by committee would have been so bad, really bad – an object lesson for other ADs.) Now one never knows how things will turn out like with Mike Leach at Wazzoo, but that story has yet to be finished). This hire not only stunned Wisconsin but the news media who are still trying to digest it. Long (and Malzahn) have made the State looked good. Gus and Hugh have now createdd the legend of ASU as the incubator of SEC coaches, something that the MAC had for the Big Ten. However, as an astute letter writer to the Demo-Zette said that Malzahn was unfortunately an impossible hire ( read that as because of the large residue of Nutt fans in the state).

    A curious question is what was Bielma’s primary motivation for leaving the Badgers? When Saban left MSU he said he was going to were the talent was. He also didn’t like playing second fiddle to Michigan. As Cowherd said not only is Arkansas the big dog in the State but is surrounded by talent in other states implying that the upper Midwest is not brimming with skill prospects. Also, there is no first fiddle in Arkansas like the Packers (PR-wise). It would seem to me that the problem may have been Bielma’s relationship with Alvarez. Bielma’s says that it has to do with assistant salaries but there must be more to it since Barry was disappointed that Brett didn’t (according to Barry) come to him about it. I suspect, as others have implied that one factor was to get out of Barry’s shadow (sound familiar) and perhaps, perhaps, ole ball coach Barry was a bit too “helpful” in regards to the football program (sound familiar). So here was an oppportunity for Brett to get on his own, get more money, and get into the SEC. What’s not to like? Also, to come in after such a season, not much will be expected in the first two years with the fan base being happy to be in the Liberty Bowl. Looks like a win-win for evrybody – except Wisconsin.

    • Boy are you guys in for a rough ride! Bielema is an average coach at best. He was handed the keys to a winning program when he stepped in at WI and never really had to do much. Building something from the ground up is something Im not sure he is capable of doing. He left WI as he didnt like living in the shadow of Barry. And believe me Bret had tons of pressure on him going into this RoseBowl this year. He knew, if he lost it, he would be fired. Bielema cant win a big game! He is a bonehead when it comes to clock management and is unproven. Im happy to see him gone, and he was on the way out anyhow with the way he had been coaching things up here in Madison. Good luck with him!

      • GonzoHog

        Sounds like sour grapes are oozing over the kettle these days. (lol)
        I like this hire a lot. I watched Beilema’s clock management in the 2007 Capitol One Bowl, and he never seemed to have much trouble out-stratigizing an idiot named Houston Nutt. His clock management was just fine going up against the best offensive backfield in college football that day.
        Not winning “the big game” is justified only in the perspective of scorned Winsconsin fans, looking for an excuse to be finally rid of a very good football coach. That’s really too bad for you IMO. You’re definately the big loser in this scenario. Good luck in finding a better coach to further Winsconsin’s success….You will need plenty of it.