January 18, 2019

South Carolina 75, Arkansas 54

ESPN.com: South Carolina 75, Arkansas 54

Brian Richardson tied his career high with 20 points and South Carolina matched its total Southeastern Conference wins from a year ago with a 75-54 victory over Arkansas on Saturday.



  1. Who says old school coacing doesn’t work? I haven’t seen a coach rip collge kids like that since Bobby Knight, and South Carolina didn’t quit playing hard for the guy either. In fact, South Carolina dominated the entire game, out hustled and out coached Arkansas, all for about $600,000 less in salary.

  2. I’ve heard of Jekyll and Hyde teams before when it comes to home and road splits, but this is ridiculous. Our guys play solid at home, then leave Walton Arena and look like boys playing men. These teams we’re losing to aren’t any more talented than this one we’ve got either, which makes it that much more frustrating.

    Maybe they can turn it around and start to string together some W’s, but after that performance against Cocky, I’m starting to doubt it. “Wait ’till next year” got really old like 10 years ago…

  3. Well I try to find some positive out of everything, and I guess we can say that at least BJ Young and Marshawn Powell will be back next yr. Marshawn is not good enough on the boards. And BJ Young has no outside game at all, he needs to put a bit more arch on the ball, and shoot probably 500 3’s a day in practice with noise playing in the background.

  4. All SEC teams have trouble on the road to the point where it should warrant some investigation. The fact that teams can be so dominant at home and poor on the road boils down to more than just fan support. I’ll give you an example – teams like Arkansas that have no inside game and rely on fast break points and 3 pointers get the benefit of positive officiating at home; when they drive the basket they get the call, when they go inside and get hacked on a post move they get a call. On the road, all of that goes away….so unless Arkansas is shooting lights out from 3pt range, they don’t stand a chance. They will get no calls when driving to the basket, and forget about a post game.
    I’ve long said Arkansas problem is having 2 guys that can hit mid range jump shots. If they had this, they would have more success on the road – I guarantee it. Look at the success of other teams across the country, and you’ll see this is part of their key formula.
    I’ve been a frustrated basketball fan for many many years due to the blantant control the officials have on the outcomes of games. When you look at the disparity of road wins/losses, it’s in the ridiculous catergory and something that should be looked into…it’s almost as bad as the NBA. I’m about to the point where I won’t watch the Hogs play on the road so I don’t get my blood pressure up.

  5. Defense Wins Championships says:

    We need a mercy rule. Sure is bad. Just does not make sense. Are they that young? Is there any chance of them turning the corner in SEC Championship games?