May 24, 2018

Texas A&M 69, Arkansas 51 Texas A&M 69, Arkansas 51

Kourtney Roberson had 13 points and 12 rebounds for the first double-double of his career as Texas A&M defeated Arkansas 69-51 on Wednesday night.


  • HungryHog

    Did not get to watch or listen to this game. WTF happened? 4 of 15 from the stripe while aTm goes 22 for something? Looked like it was close at half? Powell didn’t score?
    Anyone have thoughts?

    • Roadhog

      When I tuned in the Hogs were building their 5 point lead and seemed to be playing well. Then a series of plays went against us, maybe a little “home-cooking” it was suggested, and our guys never regained their composure. With Marshawn in early foul trouble, their bigs dominated the paint. See their big advantage in rebounds to confirm that idea. Then look at the number of free throws to support the lopsided officiating theory. The refs took us out of our game on both ends. Then we didn’t play well either. Looks at that miserable FT%. The Hogs are capable of much better, but will we see it?

      Note: When there is a lopsided free-throw difference, the advantage always lies with the home team. If that’s not home-cooking, I don’t know what is. If I were a coach I would raise hell when that happened to me. If my team shoots a lower free-throw percentage than FG percentage, I raise hell with them.

      • Tab Prewett

        however missing front ends of three or four one and ones killed us too, had we made those the foul shot discrepancy would have been insignificant — the one call that i thought was awful in that period when they took the lead for good was when clarke got called for a very questionable charge, and they took away a made layup and A&M then scored at the other end — a swing of four points.

  • Defense Wins Championships

    Very troubling for our team. Vanderbilt basketball coming up…oh my. May be a very, very long season. (I know. I know. They will get better but so will most other teams.) Let’s look ahead to track. Oh, I forgot. That has been downgraded, too.

  • GonzoHog

    We choked,…plain and simple. These kids are way too young to overcome adversity on the road to a good team.
    Marshawn Powell isn’t a very good leader in the first place. He’s never been that physical or tough in the paint.
    He looks real good against inept competition, but folds when he really has to step up and lead against the tougher and more physical players. He’s been doing this garbage ever since he put on a Razorback uni.
    B.J Young isn’t tough either. This team needs more of the “men” Nolan used to have.
    Hopefully, the young players on this team will grow into that mold over the years.