June 24, 2018

Arkansas 73, Missouri 71

BJ Young / Keion Bell (AP Photo/Gareth Patterson)

ESPN.com: Arkansas 73, Missouri 71

BJ Young converted on a pair of three-point plays in the final minute to help Arkansas rally for a 73-71 win over Missouri on Saturday.


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  • Jeff E

    Beat a good-good basketball team tonight. Mizzou has about 3 sure thing NBA guys, and will go along way in the tourney if they’re healthy.

    Georgia probably has the best all around player in the SEC in KCP, he lit up Arkansas last yr, the game was actually over by halftime. Pope has a great jump shot, can force steals, is their best rebounder and free throw shooter. Whoever is on him has quite a job on their hands, he’s a great player. All of their guys can knock down the 3, Pope hits about 38%, Mann is a great young freshman that can pass and knock down the 3. #15 Williams will foul you, and probably will foul out, if he doesn’t, you’re not doing your job. You get near him, and he will foul. Last yr’s game was very ugly, they dominated Arkansas, so they will be extremely confident, especially Pope. Arkansas is moving into tourney consideration, still have some work to do, and a lot. Beat one good team today, that’s for certain. Pressley is a great-great player. #11, #4, and #1 all shoot the 3 very well, if they’re knocking them down, and you’re leaving them uncontested, they will beat you.

  • chieflake1

    Arkansas and the Officials beat Missouri. Razorbacks should be ashamed to win like this.

    • Tomahog

      Are you a flake

    • Jeff E

      A win is a win. Every team has lost games they feel they should have won. The officials missed 5-6 over the back calls on Mizzou, Mizzou climbs on the back more than any other team in the SEC. The officials need to stop letting them get away with that consistently. They really climb on the opposing players back, especially on the offensive side.

  • soupdhog

    This is awesome – it’s further proof of what I have been saying all year – teams get screwed by home officials on the road. This game is a perfect example.
    It’s finally nice to see this happen in favor of Arkansas.