April 22, 2018

Arkansas 80, Florida 69

Jacorey Williams / Anthlon Bell (AP Photo/Gareth Patterson)

ESPN.com: Arkansas starts fast, runs past No. 2 Florida

BJ Young led three players in double figures with 13 points as the Razorbacks opened quickly and never let up in a shocking 80-69 victory over No. 2 Florida on Tuesday night.


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  • Jeff E

    I see the largest jump in Razorback (BPI) Basketball Power Index history coming, if Arkansas can get a win on Saturday also. Should go from 77th into the top 40 ((if)) they can get a win on Saturday. Get on a roll and they could be Dancin..

  • Tomahog

    Great game and hopefully this is the turning of the program. the past 4 years our finish has been terrible. 13-31 combined for the last 11 games of each season. I hope that we can finish strong to carry over for next year. This will assure us that the program is on the rise. We need some road wins hogs. Go get em!

  • GonzoHog

    I was wondering if this team was turning a corner after taking Bama down to the wire in Tuscaloosa. Then, they went balistic on Tennessee in Knoxsville.
    Now look at these kids,…coming back home to the confines of good ‘ol BWA and knocking off the #2 Gators,…WOW! Great win for this program. Coach Anderson has these kids rockin right now.

  • soupdhog

    Warning…Debbie downer alert…
    The Hogs won this game due to home officiating and they were unconcious from the 3pt line in the first half. The refs let us get away with reach ins that allowed for steals and break aways – the same things that get taken away from us with touch fouls on the road.
    We created a lead based on 3pts and turnovers. We have not shown consistency on the 3pt line, and to win on the road you have to hit mid range shots to mitigate the no-calls in the lane and 3 pt bricks.
    The biggest bright spot last night is the emergence of Qualls. That kid can hit a mid range jumper…if he can continue to do that we will be a VERY dangerous team as we’ll have quick defense, 3pt threats, ability to drive to the basket, and the occasional post up by Powell and Mickleson.
    Last night was awesome, but I have cautious optimism.

    • uvahog

      I tend to agree with most of what you said, except the officiating. We didn’t win because of the home cooking in the officiating department. Our lead was way too big for that.