June 24, 2018

LSU 65, Arkansas 60

ESPN.com: LSU 65, Arkansas 60

Charles Carmouche scored a season-high 26 points, and LSU held on for a 65-60 victory over Arkansas after nearly squandering a 22-point lead Wednesday night.


  • Jeff E

    Missed 9, count em 9 free throws, there are some high school teams that shoot better at the free throw line than that. If you make even half of them, you at least get the game tied. Did they even warm up before the game, because the way they shot the ball in the first 7:00 was pathetic. I was surprised they were only down by 20 with the way they shot the ball. Real team’s like Miami or Duke would have put up 70 on them in the 1st half tonight the way they shot the ball. Young and Powell can declare for the NBA now, the SEC is too tough for them.