May 24, 2018

Powell Declares For NBA Draft Powell to enter NBA Draft

University of Arkansas redshirt junior Marshawn Powell has decided to forego his final year of eligibility and enter the 2013 National Basketball Association Draft.


  • soupdhog

    I sure wish Powell well, but what a horrible decision. He was an above average player this year in a down conference. If he was a superstar or had the visibility of the kids playing at Kentucky, it would be a difference story.
    I hope he doesn’t go the way of Patrick Beverly and Courtney Fortson. Oh well.

    • Roadhog

      Tough decision. But I don’t see how he would gain much by coming back for another year at UA. He might get hurt again. The team won’t be much better, so he’ll still be playing out of position. He gets mauled in the middle, no whistles. If he had the front court help he needs, it’d be a different story.

      I think this may be my second comment on this season’s team. I never got drawn into the team, so I forgot when many of the games were on. When I did tune in, the team would immediately start falling apart, as if on cue. I think the team made progress this year, but if Powell and Young leave that progress will be negated. Still those players must decide what is best for themselves, so I wish them the best, regardless of their choice.

      The lack of commentary on this site re this season indicates to me deep apathy in the fan base. That would turn around quickly if the team becomes competitive, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon. Maybe in two or three years.

      • OwassoHog

        Gee, and I thought that Mike was supposed to be the silver bullet! So we significantly increased the coaching salary but got the same result. Hmmm. Are we rebuilding or just stagnant as a program??? That is a good question. If we lose Powell and Young, what are our expectations for next year?