October 17, 2018

Young Declares For NBA Draft

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Young declares for NBA draft

Arkansas sophomore guard BJ Young has declared his intention to enter the 2013 NBA Draft, Razorback head coach Mike Anderson announced on Thursday.



  1. He ain’t ready! He has no mid range or long range shot. Have fun in the D League!

  2. Hungry Hog says:

    We lose our two biggest single talented players on the team, but I think this will be a good thing in the long run for everyone.

    This team needs to come together – gel – bond. Young and Powell were good, but not clutch. Others will step up. Better days are ahead for Razorback Basketball.

    I wish Powell and Young the best.. I hope they both find professional careers somewhere and make a bunch of money playing ball – living their dream.

    The hogs are on the right path. Mike Anderson is a great coach. He will put a team together that will play his style of ball. His style will be successful. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

    • OwassoHog says:

      It won’t happen overnight… hmm, so how long do we wait? Looks like we are about to have a big drop off with these 2 gone… not sure that we will see much in the next 2 years so no significant improvement potential for Mike over 4 years… not sure I’m liking this continuation based upon the last 11 years now! Right path… wrong path… looks like the SAME path! 🙁

      • Hungry Hog says:

        Some would probably say I am stuck in the past.. But, I believe the Nolan/Anderson style of aggressive, pressing, transition based “fast” basketball will work on a national level. I believe Anderson is a good coach and knows what he is doing. I think the players he has are learning the system and it is coming together.

        In the real world, we are not Duke, Kansas, Kentucky.. In modern basketball, with such parity, Butler is a bigger name nationally than all SEC schools, with the obvious UK exception, and maybe Florida.

        What are our real options? Heath was a mess. There was bad blood in the administration. Heath was “not Nolan” – that’s why he got the job over Anderson. Pelphrey was our attempt to hire the next Donovan, a young, firery basketball guy. Turns out, Donovan is actually the brains there, and Pelphrey is a good right-hand man. After so many years of struggling, maybe under the pressure of 1990’s reminiscent alumni, or maybe on his own measures, Long hired Anderson.

        Anderson has a great resume, under Nolan and on his own. His style of play has been successful. It was very successful this year for us – at home. The Florida and Kentucky home games were there. We could play against anyone if that team shows up consistently. We have to break through the road stigma – just find the confidence we have at home, and be able to take it on the road. I believe it is just a step away.

        I don’t think the team takes a “big drop” losing these two guys. I hope not. I know some will think I am crazy, but I think we have some great players besides them. I think Ky Madden is a great player, when he is focused. I think Qualls,Williams, Clarke, and Bell will all take a big step up next year. We are getting a big man this year.

        I feel your pain OwassoHog. I wish we were dancing in Dallas right now. Keep the faith brother. These hogs are going to play strong next year. They are going to be hungry and fast, stronger and smarter. Trust in Mike… He is going to lead us back to the promised land.

        • OwassoHog says:

          My only problem is that based upon what we’ve seen here at UofA… there has been little difference between the last 2 coaches over the last 6 years… which lends me to believe that we haven’t progressed. Does this make Anderson just as much of a “good right-hand man”??? Hmmm… I’m sure that I’m not the only person that is struggling with this issue of past/future and our prospects…

  3. Come on people says:

    If you watched the teams under Pelphrey and now Anderson and cannot see the difference then basketball may not be your sport. I’m not trying to be condescending but you can obviously see the progress. Clarke, Bell, qualls are all players anderson personally recruited and you could see their skills as they developed later in the season. Now we get portis and kingsley. We are going to have three bigmen all 6’8″ + and at least one guard that is 6’3″+. All 4 of them were top-50 picks in their respecrive classes. Seriously our fans cannot see the forest for the trees.

    • OwassoHog says:

      Bottomline… records about the same… no post season play… no ability to win on the road… players still leaving early/transfer (some suspensions still)… haven’t really analyze attendance but trends is still large crowds for only big games… no inside play (including legit center)… need I proceed?

      • Come on people says:

        Yes you need to proceed. What exactly were your expectations? We had acholarship restrictions that carried over to Anderson. Anderson didnt even offer most of the players he took in his first year [while at Missouri]. We talk about no legit big men…we lost out on Stokes to tennessee and instead of wasting a scholarship he saved it and now we have a mcdonalds all american and top-5 center coming on campus. We freaking beat Florida, Missouri, Kentucky, and took Syracuse to the wire. Who cares how we beat them or where we beat them!! No progress huh? We have players leaving for the nba and thats a bad thing? You want new recruits and better players but use players leaving as an argument against the program but where do you think scholarships come from?? Seriosuly I am upset as anyonr about not being in the tourny but at some point someone has to draw the line and stand up to this craziness hog fans put out sometimes.

        • OwassoHog says:

          Please… scholarship restrictions was NOT a signficant problem. Based upon fan feedback (i.e. excitement), my expectations were 3-4 more wins (i.e. road wins) with post season play. Players left before so that is a wash in my book. However, with these 2 guys leaving now, my expectations have to be reduced for 2 more years. Not moving forward in my book!