January 18, 2019

Arkansas 12, Bryant 3; Kansas State 4, Arkansas 3 (Manhattan Regional)

ArkansasRazorbacks.com: Arkansas falls to Kansas State, 4-3

The No. 15 Arkansas baseball team saw its season come to an end on Sunday night as the Razorbacks dropped a 4-3 decision to No. 17 Kansas State in the regional final of the Manhattan Regional at Tointon Family Stadium.



  1. Skywalker says:

    Last year we were feeling pretty good about trading offense for pitching (that’s an oversimplification, but it’s the way the conversation was framed). Doesn’t feel so good this year. We had a historically great pitching staff (best team ERA since 1976, per the @RazorbackBSB Twitter feed) and we landed as a 2-seed in a regional we didn’t have the bats to win. (Not counting the 12-run burst against a depleted-bullpen Bryant team yesterday, we scored 7 runs total in the other three games in the regional.) If we were even a middle-of-the-pack team offensively, we would have hosted a regional and would probably be liking our chances in the Super right now.

    Guess more than anything, it highlights how razor-thin the margin for error can be in baseball. Pick any three games that we lost and should have won this season (heck, maybe any TWO), flip them around, and we’re a 1-seed in the tournament. And even last night, when the offense disappeared after the first inning, maybe we still win without those two wild pitches, one of which was a complete fluke. Last year we would have been bounced in the super if Baylor’s best player doesn’t boot a double play ball, followed by two bases-loaded HBPs. We could have easily missed out on Omaha last year and gotten there this year.

    I feel really bad for Beeks. What a rough weekend for him. Hope he bounces back and throws some key innings in future NCAAT wins.

    Football, here we come! Six wins or bust. #neveryieldbutwowhaveyouseenthatfivegamestretch?