October 17, 2018

Game Predictions — Auburn

Congratulations to readers Atxhog and Ibone9 for their closest predictions last time of 52-0.  (Yes…that’s right…we decided not to have a tiebreaker and give away two t-shirts instead.  Because after the last five games, you just want to try to make your fellow Hog fan feel better.)  Atxhog’s quote: “I thought 2012 was supposed to be over already!”  Ibone9’s quote: “Go Hogs!”  Put those two quotes together and that pretty much sums it up.  Congrats guys…an RBN T-shirt is headed out to each of you.

Here we go:

Auburn TigersWalking on Sunshine:  If Aubie can control the game by running the football, it could be a long day for the Hogs.  Running our mouth about some stupid, missing five seconds of coaches’ tape did nothing but add fuel to the fire for the Tigers.  Not very smart.  Hope I’m wrong.  Auburn 41, Arkansas 27.

HogBaller:  The Razorbacks will need more than rest and tough talk from the coaching staff to knock the wheels off the Gus Bus on Saturday.  The Hogs have gotten the better of the Tigers in recent years, but I’m afraid Coach Malzahn is going to enjoy his trip back to Arkansas more than Hog fans would like.  Time to start seeing what the underclassmen can do.  Auburn 31, Arkansas 13.

HogBlogger:  The Gus Bus hardly breaks a sweat running over the Hogs while Coach B plans his next tweet about spread offenses and “real” football.  Auburn 42, Arkansas 17.

TipsterHog:  Shootout in the Ozarks.  One team’s left standing.  The points come at you so fast…it just messes you up.  Auburn 55, Arkansas 38.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “Sneaky Tigers run swinging gate on every play” or “War Eagle grounded.  Hogs roll.”


  1. OwassoHog says:

    Game, Set, and Match… woes continues for the Hogs as this game is over early. Auburn “runs” away with this game 49-17.

    Half time jumbotron shows video clip of John L. Smith with a quick little message… “missing me yet?”! Post game shows similar clip… “S-M-I-L-E-!”.

    🙁 Another sad day for the Hogs!

  2. I Like Pigs says:

    The week off and an Auburn defense that’s not of the same quality we’ve seen the last few weeks is what this team needs. If the Hogs can stop the run without giving up the big pass play (I know, it’s a big if), they’ve got a chance.
    The Arkansas coaches prevail over the coaches from Arkansas.
    Pigs – 33
    Tigers – 31

  3. The drive through the Ozarks in their fall colors will be the prettiest thing that Razorback fans see this weeked. No offense, not much better on defense…no way to keep up with this streak of tigers. Tigers 38 Hogs 13

  4. Bert really needs to turn things around. Win or lose, he’s starting to look like he’s all hat and no cattle. We never get the inside story on these little soap operas. And, of course, the only really good part about a soap opera is the inside story.
    The Caffeine Kid 35, Bert and Lindsey 21, Jeff Long 0.

  5. oldskooljt says:

    Do the bye week and the last Fayetteville game produce any magic? Unfortunately, No….

    Aub 34
    Hogs 20

  6. texhogforever says:

    Hogs dramatically improve their offensive production against the Tigers . . .

    Arkansas 17

    All-burn 48

  7. The Auburn spread is injurious to Hogs D.

    Gus 35
    Bellyman 17

    • Oops, I meant the hurry-up, no-huddle, un-American football that Bellyman maligned. I was in hurry-up when I posted.

  8. NewYorkHogFan says:

    I had a dream last night. It’s game day and the Auburn players have red Springdale Bulldog uniforms on. Mitch Mustain trotts out as the quarterback. I look behind him on the Auburn sideline and see Michael Dyer standing with Coach Malzahn. He’s overweight and out of shape, but I could see the butt of a pistol sticking out of the top of his pants. I look on the Arkansas sideline and see Coach B. He’s staring across at Malzahn and biting his lip. Standing next to him is Houston Nutt and Darren McFadden. Nutt has a big grin and McFadden is flexing his biceps. Just then Coach B’s wife runs out on the field wearing a short cheerleaders uniform, her blond hair fluttering in the autumn breeze. . . . I woke up in a pool of sweat. I don’t know what it all means but i think it may be an omen. Arkansas 31 Auburn 28.

    • Carolina Hog says:

      Greatest post ever! Don’t usually pick when I expect a loss, but I do like the shirt. We all knew the talent was down. Assessment of Bert should start mid-season next year. The disaster that is this year will continue Tigers 34 Arkansas 20 As a side note: When did Auburn become unstoppable? I watched them against Miss. St and they were average at best, but average will probably be good enough this week.

    • NYHF: What were you doing before you went to bed, trick-or-treating? Somebody may have laced the candy corn with a controlled (?) substance. That’s brilliant! Do you write for the NY Post?

    • NYHF: What were you doing before you went to bed, trick-or-treating? Somebody may have laced the candy corn with a controlled (?) substance. That’s brilliant! Do you write for the NY Post?

  9. hog_in_iowa says:

    Gus’ bunch will run it up if they can, and unless we’ve gotten more help on defense in the last couple of weeks, they probably will. We just don’t have the players in place to even be mediocre in the SEC… yet. Always One Step Ahead of the Law 42, Lacking SEC players 14.

  10. NielsBoar says:

    BB needs to produce a team that has a pulse. I’m ok with the losses, but this team has not shown any improvement. I’m losing faith quickly, but I’m not completely out yet:

    Hog’s run the ball well Saturday and get a few key plays from the passing game. Hog D gives up a lot of yards but comes up with a few key stops.

    Jen – 35
    Kristi- 31

  11. This may be stupidest post ever to go along with NewYorkHogFan’s best post ever. The weakness of our defense is passing, not running. I think we can stop the run against these guys———am I stupid? Undoubtedly, but I believe we can win if the offense does not give the game away.
    Hogs 31
    Tiggers 24

  12. White Flag (was Helmet) Hog says:

    Five weeks ago I thought Bret B. was slowly building a team. Now I’m concerned that all the 2 star recruits will decommit from Hogs for the Rice and SMU offers . . .
    Auburn has their way today.
    Tigers: 58
    Hogs: 5

  13. Instead of a football game, can we have Bret and Gus’s wives mud wrestle on the 50 yard line?
    Hogs 35
    Tigereagles 32

  14. Nuclearhog says:

    Where is this team? Maybe their in Waldo, AR, but not in Fayetteville. Another butt whooping.


  15. We’ve had two weeks to prepare for this game, rest, REGROUP and listen to all of our negative FANS. It’s been a tough two years to be a Razorback fan. The turn around has it start sometime, doesn’t it? Our run game goes off today and sets up a surprising passing game. Collins and Williams both hit 100 yards each. BA has his best game as a Razorback, 20/32/300 yds and 3 TD and 0 INTs. Our front four on D stuffs Auburn’s run, but our secondary gives up a few big plays. In the end, Auburn 30 Arkansas 37.

  16. Rochester says:

    Bye week just delays the ugly end to a tough season.

    Gus and the Treagles 45-Coach B and the Hogs 10

  17. Arkansas 27 Auburn 24

  18. Randall Wallace says:

    Auburn 38 Arkansas 10

  19. Blake Klomfas says:

    Auburn is going to score quick and often. Arkansas will keep at the half. Brandon Allen will throw a pick six again in the 3rd! Auburn keeps pushing and Arkansas breaks. Alex Collins has huge game for the Razorbacks with 150 yards and 2td! The only postive!
    Auburn 45 Arkansas 24

  20. Jonesboro Hog says:

    Where are the Hogs from the A&M game and the first half of the Florida game? I hope we found them during the bye week. This game is very critical for our players, fans, and recruits. I am very proud of all our seniors that will be playing there final game in Razorback Stadium today!! They have been through what most college athletes never have to go through. May all this make you a stronger individual. Now lets go get those Wareagles.
    Senior day pulls through!

    Arkansas: 34
    Auburn: 31

    Hocker with a 60 yard FG today.

  21. Allen_TX_Hog says:

    Auburn 34, Arkansas 37. At some point BA will have a great game. I hope it is today. I see some running game success and some better defense due to not being three and out all day. Special teams have to be really good on kickoffs, punts, and field goals. Hocker has a great day!

  22. Bean Counter says:

    At the start of the season I was thinking 4-6 wins with Rutgers, Miss. state and Auburn being the swing games. At this point, I’m just looking for hope. I probably should have brought a radio to listen to Rick Schaeffer as he always seems to see a way for the Hogs to win. I have no idea what to expect tonight so I’ll guess 42-21 auburn.