May 24, 2018

Game Predictions — LSU

Congratulations to longtime reader texhogforever for the closest prediction last week of 27-17.  His quote: “The only thing worse than Dan Mullen’s wounded offense is Chris Ash’s wimpy defense.”  Uh…yeah…after playing decently for most of the game, that last (and only) play by the defense in overtime was pretty dang wimpy.  Congrats texhogforever…an RBN T-shirt to help you commemorate this season for years to come is on its way.

Here we go:

LSU TigersWalking on Sunshine:  We could see it in their faces walking into the tunnel at the end of the MSU game last week.  Like the fans, the Razorback players want this nightmare to be over.  LSU has some fun at our expense.  LSU 49, Arkansas 10.

HogBaller:  Hog fans across the state give thanks Friday that this season has finally come to an end.  LSU 51, Arkansas 13.

HogBlogger:  Maybe Red pants, white shirts with the black helmets?  Play like a directional school, so might as well go all in with the look.  LSU 45, Arkansas 3.

TipsterHog:  The conference losing streak extends into it’s third season.  Someone wake us up from this nightmare.  LSU 42, Arkansas 9.

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and pick.  And make sure and add your own take like “As Les would say, ‘Comfortable is a word that I don’t recognize as something I’m in.'” or “Laissez les bons temps rouler.  Hogs roll.”

  • TNarch

    I’m sure there will be many things that I could be doing or maybe should be doing on a Friday afternoon that would be more satisfying than this game. But, for 50 years, I have rarely missed a minute of any opportunity to watch a Razorback football game. This Friday, I’ll be square in front of the big flat screen that I bought to watch the 2011 Sugar Bowl. I’ll be hoping that I continue to see a little bit of improvement and the Hogs keep this game close. But in ending the Friday game day tradition, Miles has his team looking to finish with a little revenge for 2007, 2008, and 2010. LSU 31 Hogs 10

  • Memphis Hog

    Well, after blowing our best chance at an SEC win last week, I’m not too excited about the Hogs chances this week. Tough season doesn’t end well for the Hogs in a big loss:

    Hogs – 10
    LSU – 48

  • GolfHog

    Bart stays the course, unwavering, ever confident of eventual success. Hogs score first on double reverse throw back pass flea flicker. Tigers score second by returning fumblerooskie fake pump for a touchdown. It’s all downhill from there as AJ Derby replaces Allen after he sprains his ankle tackling an LSU defender with his last interception of the season. After the game Bart bemoans lack of talent and praises coaching staff for the great job they did this year. Tigers 51-zip.

    • GolfHog

      (the opening score was called back for excessive celebration)

  • Roadhog

    Hogs come out strong in their first drive but must settle for a field goal. LSU defense keeps Hogs backed up all day, with considerable help from Hogs turnovers and penalties. Hogs manage another FG in the second half. Bayou Bungles coast to an easy win.

    Hogs 6
    Bungles 45

  • HB_NHB

    I can’t stand how the coaches say that this team has progressed throughout the year..I see regression..anyways..I am getting off of the subject…LSU’s offense is better than usual, and our offense and defense is worse than usual…which adds up to a game not so close that we usually keep somewhat close….LSU 42 Ark 14..and thank god the season is over…

  • planohog

    LSU 51 Hogs 6….Is there any glimmer of hope next year for QB and defense?

  • OwassoHog

    After a couple of seasons, it’s all over for the Hogs. Next year looks brighter but not this week… Tigers roar and stomp the Hogs 55-7

  • Jeff E

    LSU 42
    Ark 17

  • Tomahog

    We need at least one post picking the upset. The recipe calls for a few eggs on the QB’s truck and friday afternoon, we are saying, where has BA been all year. Nothing like a P.O.d Quarterback to start a new. He finally looks like an SEC QB and the defense does an average job but capitalizes on too many LSU turnovers. The mad hatter has one of the biggest disappointments of the year. Razobacks 27 LSU 24

  • NielsBoar

    LSU 49
    Hogs – 7

    And I aint even mad about it. Will next year be better?

  • Kenny Woodard

    38-10 LSwho

    Hogs keep it close for a quarter
    1st- 7-3 LSU
    2nd- 17-3 LSU
    3rd- 31-3 LSU
    4th- 38-10 LSU

  • T-towner

    CBB eats grass at Death Valley and gets high! He even looks like the The Hat———but, most regrettably, the Hogs do not look like the Bayou Bengals.
    Arkansas 17
    LSU 38

  • oldskooljt

    Hogs go O-fer conference …thank goodness this is all over

    LSU 41
    Hogs 14

  • Bean Counter

    Can we just get this over with already?

    Tigers 52
    Tiger Bait 7

  • hog_in_iowa

    BB team looks like it will fight and play hard this year which will make this winter more bearable. Hogs 15 – 14.

  • chaserback

    Tomahog took my score, so I will go with 31-33 Hogs.
    I won’t divulge if I’m really that much of a Homer or the Price Is Right $1 bidder just trying to get a t-shirt.

    I do have a prediction though. Beilema turns Hocker lose at every conceivable opportunity. If we are across the 45 on 4th down, Hocker may be on the field.

  • Tampahog

    Les chuckles – “Never even considered the Job on the Hill”. Darn good thing, as even the mad hatter could not resurrect this team. As hard as it is to watch, I will be there in front of my tv, shaking my head at another bone head call by the coaching staff. This one is not even close. Tigers 51 – Hogs 13

  • Arch_Hog

    LSU 63
    Ark 6


  • Nuclearhog

    Hogs. 17
    LSU. 42

    Please end this nightmare

  • Jeff E

    Scratch my previous score, since this dude “Nuclearhog” copied off my paper.

    LSU 38
    Hogs 30