June 24, 2018

Arkansas 74, Clemson 68

ESPN.com: Arkansas held off late Clemson rally to win 74-68

Michael Qualls scored 17 points as Arkansas held off a late Clemson rally to win 74-68 Saturday.


  • HungryHog

    No comments – I guess everyone is a little Razorback’d out right now. This football season was brutal. I am so happy the season is over.

    This was a good game. It was a must win against a decent team – and we did what needed to be done. Knocking down threes like that isn’t something you can depend on – we need to get more points in the paint and in transition. I know it’s hard to be a rebounding team and transition team, but we have to give more respect to the boards. I was glad to see Clemson make a late comeback – because I think it was good to get our guys anxious.

    Please Mike – Please give us some hope. At the end of this football season I felt my first exhaustion from being a hog fan – It wasn’t hard to be humble to be a razorback fan, it was just hard to be a razorback fan.

    All is forgiven with a good basketball season this year. We need it so desperately.

    • Roadhog

      I just didn’t know what to say about the game, except the usual cliches. Was good for 30-35 minutes, but then they went into their patented Razorbacks lull, the shooting doldrums, and let the Clemson Tide get back in it. I didn’t like that, ’cause it exposed weakness, tho I get your point about anxiety, pressure. They would have lost that game on the road.

      I don’t know that the Hogs have ever been a good half-court team. Nolan never had a good inside guy before Corliss W. and Dwight S. Maybe Oliver Miller. Right now Portis and Kingsley are good young guys, and will eventually be strong inside players, but their youth shows at times. This should be a good team by the end of the year, but the competition will get better, too. I have faith they’ll make the NCAA. Anderson definitely has the work ethic, and some good talent.

      Did I bore you enough?

      • HungryHog

        It’s just tough to invest much into the Hogs right now. The ROI hasn’t been very strong in the past couple of years.

        I think we are all on hold until we go on the road in the SEC. If we lose the first few games on the road… it will be bad = complete apathy from the fan base. Bud Walton will be just something to do if you don’t have other plans and haven’t seen a game in a while. If we win the first few games on the road, I hope the fans will return the favor and get behind this team.

        It’s a roll of the dice at this point.

        • Roadhog

          I hear ya man. It can get hard to maintain your enthusiasm after years of failure and loss. But sometimes as a fan you just have to pull yourself up by your own jock strap, er, chin strap (these are just metaphors, do not try them at home unless you are a professional) or shoe laces. If worse comes to worst you can always change allegiances (I am weighing the virtues of becoming an Auburn fan) and heading south for the holidays and forgetting about things Razorback till next August.