May 25, 2018

Arkansas 104, Texas-San Antonio 71 Portis leads Arkansas to 7th-straight win

Bobby Portis had a career-high 19 points on 8-of-8 shooting as Arkansas won its seventh-straight game with a 104-71 win over Texas-San Antonio on Saturday night.


  • soupdhog

    Ho hum…another cupcake, another beatdown. Can’t wait to see what these guys can do against some real competition.

    • JimDoggg

      I agree. We have been disappointed before after stellar records against cupcakes and then can’t win on the road in the SEC. This year’s (and last year’s) football editions were equally frustrating because of the talent available and yet this year they couldn’t win an SEC game. Do we have the same with basketball, i.e., some great individual talent but still can’t get significant victories. In fairness to football Hogs, this year’s bowl record shows once again that the Razorbacks play in the toughest division in the toughest league in the country. Relating to competition: The media, especially ESPN, have anointed Florida State as the greatest team of all time. (Alabama was supposed to run over Oklahoma and Northern Illinois was supposed to be a bracket buster too). What I haven’t seen are the “experts” discussing is whether the BCS may be a test of the level of competition the two teams have played. I mean the ACC has won only one bowl game and the SEC is 7 of 9. The SEC has taken the measure of every ACC team with the exception of Florida, which I now believe, should rank below Arkansas and just above Kentucky. There is also the question of facing adversity which FSU hasn’t been exposed to due to it’s All Cupcake Conference scheduale (If FSU doesn’t win then it replaces the inaptly named Big10 as the worst conference and if Winston can’t pull it off, then his Heisman is suspect especially after Johnny Football’s performance against the number two ACC team. Talk about pressure).
      What I find amazing is that the country would usually root against the SEC champion because of it’s successes but the antics and arrogance of Winston’s off field behavior and the Cinderella story of Gus Malzahn and Auburn’s turnaround, that the sympathetic vote now tends toward the Tigers. Whoda thunk? In any case does competition mean that much? (The Mac didn’t win a game but had more bowl games than the Sun Belt which won 2). How much is undeserved hype worth? Tonite may give us the answer.

  • Hogwild28

    Who runs and moderates these boards? We havent played real competition? We beat SMU which just took down CONN yesterday. We played Minnesota, cal, and Gonzaga on neutral site. Beat minnesota and lost to cal and Gonzaga. Both were highly competitive games. If you think the razorbacks aren’t good say it. If you hate the schedule then say it. But we have played real competition and have won against real competition. We are 11-2. Stop whining

    • Tomahog

      I did not hear anyone whining. Soup dog just said he is ready for real competition. This is a very young and impressive team. I believe the cupcake schedule was helpful to develop some of the freshmens confidence. Let’s watch them grow and win. The future is bright and like soup I am looking forward to some real competition also. It will make us a better team. Go hogs