May 24, 2018

Arkansas 86, Auburn 67 Madden’s 24 points lift Arkansas over Auburn 86-67

Ky Madden scored a career-high 24 points as Arkansas snapped a two-game losing streak with an 86-67 win over struggling Auburn on Saturday night.


  • Roadhog

    A win is a win, good, but I doubt that effort would have won on the road at Auburn. The Hogs did not cover themselves in glory during the first half, but they did redeem themselves eventually. And it’ll take more than that to win against Mizzou on Tuesday night. The Hogs may have been guilty of taking Auburn too lightly in the first half. These long scoring droughts worry me, and I think the score was closer than it looks. But Mizzou will be a big game, and the Hogs get up for those at BWA. The players will want to win this one for Coach.

    Portis continues to amaze me. For a freshman playing center, he’s really producing. Don’t know how long he’ll be around, but as he matures he will become a beast. We’ve never had a young center like him. (I don’t remember Dean Tolson’s play.)

    I’m no prophet, so I don’t know how the season will turn out, but if we can beat Mizzou we’ll be back in the chase for an invite to the big to-do. Maybe that will restore some confidence and optimism going forward.

  • atxhog

    Didn’t get to watch the game because it was blacked out here. Stat line looked decent enough, but disappointed to here the effort wasn’t there. I think Hogs beat Mizzou tomorrow night, but don’t think it puts us anywhere in the conversation of a tourney bid until we start winning some road games. We shall see. WPSGHG

  • soupdhog

    A win is not a win, unless it is a road game. We can win all of our home games the remainder of the year and not make either tourney – the same result as if we LOSE all of our home games. A home win may feel good, but it doesn’t do anything to help our progress; and we all agree progress = making a postseason tourney.
    I still think this team is a year off from winning some road games – which I am ok with. The talent is there, the basketball IQ just needs to grow. You see glimpses of it, but not frequent enough.
    Looking forward to next year….

    • Roadhog

      Oops, my bad. I had thought the selection committee would frown upon a loss at home to the weakest team in the conference. It’s good to know that FL loss won’t count against us.

      I agree this team is probably a year away from being good. We’re still kinda small in the backcourt, and the forecourt is very young. Hope we can find some bigger guards and more muscle inside for next year. At this point the NIT is starting to look attractive.