April 22, 2018

Georgia 66, Arkansas 61 (OT)

ESPN.com: Georgia outlasts Arkansas 66-61 in overtime

Kenny Gaines scored 15 points, Marcus Thornton had 11 points and 13 rebounds and Georgia overcame poor shooting to beat Arkansas 66-61 in overtime on Saturday.


  • Hogwild28

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhh……I’m just so frustrated. This is a good team with so much potential but for whatever reason they cannot bust through and get it done. They played well enough to win but didn’t finish

  • OwassoHog

    Did Mike even attempt to coach these guys in the 2nd half? Good grief! 🙁

  • Georgia looks like one of the bottom two or three teams in the league. If you can’t win there, you’re not going to win anywhere on the road. Very disappointing.

    • soupdhog

      Wha? They are 3-1 in the SEC and beat Missouri on the road. One of the bottom teams in the league? What statistic are you looking at?

      • My eyes tell me that. Win at Mizzou was all emotion after head coach Fox father passed away.

  • hogg

    Im starting to think that this team is not being coached very well,they absolutely cannot finish a game like they should,especially against teams such as ga.and to the ones who say wait until next year! Wait for what? More of this,i dont think i want to wait for more of the same old pathetic coaching and play.its beyond “getting old” now.its time to put up..or shut up!”if m.a. cant get the job done-and he is not!-”then we will have to find a coach that will.the Fans are growing mighty restless waiting to get this mess turned around..i would think the players feel the same..arkansas has a tough time getting great players so we need a coach that can scheme against the oppisition..time for a new coach unless we want to continue to see the same old losing style of play year after year..even if we have the best college players in the world..they have to be coached correct way..sheesh its the coaches job..isnt that why he was hired?

  • soupdhog

    Patience, grasshoppers….

    Nolan’s first 4 seasons at Arkansas:

    Mike’s first 3 seasons at Missouri:

    Mike’s first 3 seasons at Arkansas:

    My point? It takes a while to build a program. There is a lot of basketball to be played – and Georgia beat Missouri so they can’t be that bad. I saw improvement in this road game over TA&M – any step forward with this young team is progress.

    Give it another month and then judge.

    • tomahog

      I agree soup. We are making progress and we shall improve over the next 2 months. I was at the Georgia game and I put this one on the players. Very few players showed passion and enthusiasm. They stood around with a 4 out 10 scale on how bad they wanted play much less win. Little execution. They need to get a road attitude adjustment because we know they have the talent. Come on players do not wait on Mike A. to get you to play, do it yourself!

    • OwassoHog

      3 coaches – 12 years… ouch! A little “long” in my book!

  • Roadog

    This team is two free throws away from being 3-1 SEC. They are very young, as this is only the third year for Anderson, and most of the talent he inherited has moved on to other schools or to the pros. Madden is the only starter from that era. It’s way too early to think of ditching Anderson. Ya gotta give him at least five years. If you got rid of him now, most of the talent would be gone from Arkansas in a couple of years, back to where we are now, or worse. Fans would be wise to get behind Anderson and the program, the players, even themselves as fans, because Mike won’t be going anywhere else anytime soon. This team will get better, guaranteed, tho nobody can promise championships. Arkansas has lost its elite status in basketball, and it lacks the status of a KY or FL to attract talent. It will take time to rebuild stature, and we may never attain it. Meanwhile I’m gonna try to enjoy the wins and not fret the losses. I still have faith in Mike.

  • atxhog

    While we technically had the chance to win the game there at the end, the only reason we were even in it at all was because GA couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn either. To state the obvious, we got manhandled on the glass and couldn’t manufacture anything from our defense because we couldn’t get into our press due to only making 2(?!) FGs over the last 18 minutes of the game. Did CMA not learn how to coach the half-court trap from Nolan, or was it just a complete lack of effort by the players? I saw very little, if any, improvement in our road play from any game any Arkansas team has played on the road over the last 10 years. Just not encouraged at all by anything I saw. Not seeing this trend changing anytime soon either unfortunately.