May 24, 2018

Missouri 75, Arkansas 71 Free throws lift Missouri past Arkansas 75-71

Earnest Ross and Jabari Brown scored 24 points each as Missouri earned its first win in Bud Walton Arena with a 75-71 victory over Arkansas on Tuesday night.


  • GolfHog

    Sloppy, undisciplined play. Hawgball is defense. They only play it well in short spurts. I know the inside guys are young but basketball is played inside out. I like Mike but, this is a bad start. I really thought next year was the year but as usual everyone has to push the hype, sell tickets, build some buzz. I don’t think expectations really helped this team. They certainly don’t now.

  • OwassoHog

    1 step forward… 2 steps backward! 🙁

  • Arch_Hog

    Razorback basketball….woof!

  • Roadhog

    I give Missouri a lot of credit for their win. In the first half they played tight zone defense, holding the Hogs to only 2 two-point baskets. In the second half they hit all 16 of their free throws. That’s pretty impressive. And two of their big playmakers did their thing, 24 points each.

    The Hogs are smaller than every team we’ve played in conference, so we’re always at a disadvantage rebounding. That means we have to play aggressive full court defense, which leads to fouls attempting to get turnovers to offset the rebound deficit. So a good free shooting team has an edge on us.

    The thing that bothers me most about this team is the number of point blank shots, layups, that are missed. I attribute that to youthful nerves, not taking that last split-second to focus on the goal. The cold shooting at the start also suggests nerves. Usually if the Hogs can start with a couple of quick baskets they get their confidence up and go on to win. If they start slow, get behind, they usually lose. Playing from behind is more draining than playing in the lead.

    I’m not convinced that trying to play faster than your opponents is a good strategy for the long run, but it may be the best for the team that Anderson has. Ultimately it’s about scoring efficiency, as both teams have the same number of possessions m/l. Whatever style leads to the highest scoring efficiency will usually win.

    This loss may have been a big blow to the Razorbacks post-season hopes, but a lot of basketball remains to play. And there’s always next year.