June 24, 2018

Tennessee 81, Arkansas 74

ESPN.com: McRae rallies Tennessee past Arkansas 81-74

Jordan McRae scored 34 points and made a 3-pointer that put Tennessee ahead for good with 2:46 remaining Wednesday as Tennessee defeated Arkansas 81-74 to continue the Razorbacks’ road woes.


  • OwassoHog

    Ho hum… zzzz. When will we learn?

  • Hogwild28

    Was a great game to watch. Its hard to win on the road. After the A &M blow out I was discouraged. Taking Georgia to OT on the road and going into an arena bigger than ours and playing with that intensity was refreshing. We lost, that sucks. But if we give that kind of effort every game in the road we will get over the hump. There is a stretch from around 8:30 in the 2nd half to around 4 min in the 2nd half that the hogs look uncomfortable or nervous every time. They see the lead and start feeling the pressure and we have big scoring droughts. Gotta fix that

  • atxhog

    Well I didn’t think we’d even make a game out of that one, so there’s that I guess. On one hand, we could just as easily be 4-1 to start SEC play as 1-4 (or even 0-5, depending on how the breaks had gone), but shoulda, woulda, coulda. “Moral victories” still go in the “L” column though as we’re all aware.

    The schedule gets a little easier now with 3 of 4 upcoming at home. This Saturday’s home game against Aubie should be a slam-dunk (pardon the pun). Not much will matter though until we can start stringing some wins together, including some road games.

  • Roadhog

    A good hard-fought game, one we could have won easily at home. They beat us at the free throw line, thanks to their home-friendly refs. This team seems to always lose their composure at the end of games on the road, even at home at times. Hope we can get over that.

    Every team we’ve played in conference has been bigger than we are, so we try to make up for lack of rebounding with increased defensive pressure, trying to get turnovers, which leads to fouls, especially on the road. (We rebounded well against the bigger Vols.) Also I think that style of defense tends to wear out our players more than it does theirs. So our opponents always try to slow the tempo, saving their energy and taking us out of our full-court game. Thus we run low on gas at the end. We need better half-court play, both ways.

    We have a lot of guys contributing now. Good to see the emergence of Gulley and Haydar, but wth happened to Qualls? Aside from his game winning dunk, he hasn’t been a factor of late.

    This is a good team. Losing is never fun, but I am not down on this team. They compete hard and have played everybody close except aTm. Go Hogs, WPS!

    • atxhog

      I like your glass-half-full mentality Roadhog. I’m trying to hang on to that as well. I thought it would take some time for this team to come together before the season started, just didn’t expect this kind of gut-wrenching start to SEC play. Clearly scheduling a few road games in non-conference would have helped, but too late now.

      • Roadhog

        Thanks, atxhog. Backatcha. Actually I think the glass is more than half full, but we need a little luck to get back in the black. And it needs to happen soon, for the Hogs have a tendency to slump toward the end of the season. Nobody can overachieve for very long without its taking a toll. At that point the bench needs to produce. We’ve got a pretty good bench. Go Hogs.