June 24, 2018

Texas A&M 69, Arkansas 53

ESPN.com: Fitzgerald leads A&M past Arkansas 69-53

Texas A&M freshman Davonte Fitzgerald led the way with 17 points as the Aggies toppled Arkansas 69-53 in Reed Arena in the teams’ Southeastern Conference opener.


  • Roadhog

    Wow. Bad. Really bad. Even worse than I’d feared. Came out shooting cold, lost their confidence and never got it back. That’s a result of youthful inexperience. Can’t take a punch, nor counterpunch. I was afraid that would happen to Portis and Kingsley, their being freshmen. There’s just no senior leadership on this team. And Anderson does not have them prepared mentally for the road. This is on Mike A. He was shocked by aTm. This will probably be a good team someday, but maybe not this year.

  • GolfHog

    Actually, I thought they showed some fight in the first half. That second half was UUUGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t remember when I’ve seen basketball that bad. And, I watched the John Pelphry years.
    I like Mike. And, I like this team. They’ll come together. It may take a while. Now you see why we had the bad schedule. Mike knew these boys needed lots of scrimmaging. They were not ready for competition. Basketball is the ultimate team sport. These boys are not yet a team.

  • hog_in_iowa

    I’m through using the “young team” justification any more. Seems like that’s the excuse we as Hog fans have been falling back on since forever. Our team needs to toughen up on the road and show some grit. We do have a couple of young players, but so what, all teams have young players. These guys play basketball almost 365 days a year, so to come out “cold” or “flat” is more of a reflection on the coach and the individual than on anything else. Show some fight for gosh sake’s. Playing UT-West Corpus Christie (I speaking to you Mike and Jeff) provides no, zero, nada benefit in developing a tough team. Wasted effort.

  • soupdhog

    Well, so…um….that happened.
    I guess I got my answer on what they could do against some competition. The effort was horrible, particularly in rebounding. They got pushed around and showed no toughness. The lack of hustle on defense was astounding for a Mike Anderson team.
    I expect that this will change for the next road game, just not sure if it will be enough to get a win.