June 24, 2018

Arkansas 71, Kentucky 67 (OT)

ESPN.com: Arkansas beats No. 17 Kentucky 71-67 in OT

Coty Clarke scored seven points in overtime and Arkansas upset No. 17 Kentucky 71-67 on Thursday night to complete a season sweep.


  • Hogwild28

    Great win. Bravo gentlemen. They won a tough, low(er) scoring game against a quality team on the road. They were lights out from FT line and made huge rebounds when needed. In all honesty, they have won like 6 out of the last 7 and that loss was by 1 point on the road to Missouri. They are playing with a lot of confidence right now.

  • soupdhog

    Wow. This win is so big on a number of levels. Probably the biggest program win in the last 10 years. I’d say Arkansas has the road monster off it’s back at this point.
    I haven’t done the analysis, but when you think about our losses, we were 2-5 points away from a win in each one. That’s a few bounces going our way, 1 or 2 more stops, etc. A long way from last year.

  • oldskooljt

    I gotta be honest, Guys…I gave up on this team. I watched the last 7 mins and OT of the Florida game and was so disgusted with what I saw I have not watched another minute of Hogball till last night. And what I saw out there last night was a basketball team! I was both shocked and impressed and the difference in the team since I last watched. Intensity, aggressiveness, movement without the ball on offense…brilliant! And 100% from the line?? And on the road??! I love it!

  • atxhog

    Wish I could say I saw this coming, but I think I’m pretty much shocked and amazed by this one, much like my other Hog-brethren. I think what has impressed me the most here lately is that even when we go through our obligatory 2nd half funks, the team hasn’t been giving up and has fought back to win games, this time against a pretty darn good Kentucky team, in Rupp no less. Oh and has no one mentioned this is the first time it’s happened in 20 years?? Still a lot of work to do, but man, I’m getting more and more excited just thinking about the possibility of postseason play to look forward to. WPS!!

  • Roadhog

    Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo oo oo!

    That’s not a Hog Call; it’s a train comin’ down the track! Great win!

    Hogs were cruising’ to a blowout before the refs decided to make a game of it by calling everything on the Hogs and nothing on the Cats. Big hand for Coach Anderson and Crewe. A month ago fans, er spectators, were kicking dirt on the whole bunch. But I’m sure that was the tastiest crow you ever ate for breakfast this morning. I must say, tho, that commentators on Razorbloggers have expressed more optimism than those on other sites, for the most part, during the early-season struggles. Knowledgable fans, the cognoscenti (that’s us), could see the progress every week, recognizing that the team would gel in time. What we could not know was how other teams were progressing in comparison, except when they played us. These next few games should be very exciting. WPS:GHG!!!!!!!!!