May 24, 2018

Arkansas 71, South Carolina 64 Qualls paces Arkansas past South Carolina 71-64

Michael Qualls scored 20 points as Arkansas held off a second-half rally by South Carolina for a 71-64 win on Wednesday night.


  • Hogwild28

    Very odd game. Madden has stepped up to be the floor leader recently and has really delivered on the offensive side of the ball. Tonight, he couldn’t hit anything. Terrible game all around. Not a knock on him, everyone is entitled to a bad game. The team found a way to win, and guys like Wade made a big shot, Clark really seemed to assert himself more as the game progressed. I’m glad they found a way to win when everything wasn’t going in their favor. Those wins build some character.

  • Roadhog

    Fortunately for us, it was our opponents who found a way to lose this game. Could be some fatigue setting in about now. But this is no time for a letdown. Because of the slow start in conference play, the Hogs have no room for error at this point in the season. Anybody remember the last time Anthlon Bell made a shot? Qualls came through big again, to pick up the slack left by Madden on an off night.

  • atxhog

    No clue what to expect from this team going forward. Hopefully this was just a case of them playing down to the competition. We clearly have a better team than SC this year but certainly didn’t play like it. The guys basically looked lost for most of the 2nd half. Hopefully they got that big lead in the first half and it was just a case of them feeling the game was already over at halftime so they got complacent. Bottom line is we got the win, and we still have a shot of playing our way into some post-season play. Gotta keep the wins coming though.