May 24, 2018

Arkansas 73, Mississippi State 69 Arkansas holds off Mississippi State 73-69

Anthlon Bell scored a career-high 19 points to lead Arkansas to a 73-69 victory over Mississippi State on Saturday, its first win in Starkville in 14 years.


  • beauty

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  • Opinions vary this morning…Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has the Hogs in his first four out.

    While Joe Lunardi of ESPN doesn’t have Arkansas in his last 12 out.

    • Roadhog

      Hey, Sunshine, good to see ya here. Where ya been? The Razorbloggers have been pretty quiet this season. Hope all is well.

      I don’t make the kind of bank the big boys get to predict the future, but it seems to me that if the Hogs can win 2 or 3 of the next 4 plus a couple in the SEC tourney, they should make the cut. The late game collapse at Starkville troubles me, as the team has been streaky all season. Sometimes I think the team has turned a corner, then they go several minutes without a basket. There have been so many close games in conference play that I must rate the Hogs a mid-conference team. Also I worry about a late season slump, because of fatigue. If the Hogs are to advance, the bench will have to produce, the way Bell did on Saturday. IMHO.

  • soupdhog

    Our first win in Starkville in 14 years. Let that sink in for a minute….Perhaps the tide is turning.

    • Tomahog

      I would not put much in it, they have lost 9 straight but at least we are getting better. We do have a chance at ky on Thursday to turn the tide.

  • GonzoHog

    I ‘ve been watching the Hogs all year, and they have gotten better. Still have a ways to go though IMO.
    I don’t think they have to beat UK in Lexington to be tournament worthy, but do think they have to keep it close and still win the other 3 regular season games, plus win at least 2 in the SEC tourney. That should allow us to sneak in.