May 24, 2018

Arkansas 77, Vanderbilt 75 Arkansas edges Vanderbilt 77-75

Michael Qualls sank a 3-pointer with 4 seconds remaining to lift Arkansas to its first road victory of the season in a 77-75 win Saturday that ended Vanderbilt’s four-game win streak.



  • Hogwild28

    No comments! We did it. Played a good game on the road. It set up perfectly for them to blow it down the stretch–and they almost did–but someone stepped up and made a big time shot. Second game in a row someone has stepped up when we needed them to.

  • Roadhog

    Who was that team in the anthrax uniforms?

    It was a good win over a good team, at least a team that had been pretty hot of late, despite being down to 7 scholarship players. So maybe an asterisk after this win. I’m not ready to claim the team has turned a corner, but at least they still have a gasp at making post-season play. That is, if they can play like that every game, for forty minutes. They had about 35 solid minutes and a 5-minute drought. I have wondered whether the team’s shooting slump was a statistical anomaly and whether it would reverse itself and we’d shoot better and win a few close games or whether they just slap can’t shoot. Did Anderson spend the week working on putting the ball through the hoop? I couldn’t believe how badly they had been shooting, as a team. We shall see.

    Ya just gotta admit, Michael Qualls has a flair for the dramatic. If he ever gets all of his talent under control he’ll be an awesome force. My spirits have risen a click with this win. The previous win felt more like a loss.

    • Tomahog

      Good win good effort. I wonder why Kingsley is not getting more time. He had 9 minutes and 4 rebounds at Vandi. If we are having a rebounding issue why not get him more time. Play him and Portis together more, there are still some small changes that can make this team a little better and a little better could make a big difference.

      • Roadhog

        I agree that Kingsley should get more PT. He does a lot of good things, especially rebounding, which we desperately need, and he doesn’t make a lot of dumb mistakes. No doubt he will be a big factor in the future at some point. And you’re right that a few little things, good ones, could add up to more wins in close games.

  • soupdhog

    Lookie there, a road win! This was a pretty great game for the Hogs – they finally showed some toughness, particularly with their defense in the first 30 minutes. And they played through the Vandy run – you know, the part where the officials allowed them to play back into the game.

    The officiating in this game was Horrible, with a capital H. If it weren’t for the strong home cooking, the Hogs would have won by 20. Kudos to this group – they not only beat Vandy but beat the officials too.

    I say we wear those uniforms for the rest of the road games this season.

    • GolfHog

      That’s what road win means, beating the other team and the officials. The SEC is famous for our home cooking. No one does it better.

  • T-Towner

    I started to call Mike out for “game face” in the photo, but as long as the shot goes in, he can whatever face he wants as long as it does not result in a T. Fantastic shot!!!