May 25, 2018

Missouri 86, Arkansas 85 Missouri holds off Arkansas 86-85

Jabari Brown drove the lane for the go-ahead basket with 12.2 seconds left for the last of his 25 points and Missouri survived a late surge by Arkansas for an 86-85 victory on Thursday night.


  • OwassoHog

    Good fight but the Hogs came up short.

    Now that the “streak” has been broken, can we dump the uniforms? Thank you, I’ll hang up and listen! 🙂

  • hogg

    Another one that we should have won but once again we choked at crunch time.too many unforced turnovers and easy shots missed when it counts most.we desperately need a better point guard and/or “go to” guy which we obviously do not have at this point.maybe next year we’ll be able to pull these close games of now,we wont be dancing this year.

  • Roadhog

    Good hard-fought game, but, once again, Hogs find a way to lose. Madden choked twice at the end with a turnover and a missed shot at the buzzer. I think I’d rather let Qualls take the last shot because he’s the kind of player who does not think about what he has to do, he just does it. And he’s been clutch before. Madden overthinks, methinks. Anyhow, great effort. Nothing to get down about. This loss, in terms of execution, felt better than the win at home against Alabama. Keep up this kind of effort and yea, verily, ye shall have your reward.

  • atxhog

    Wow, this was certainly a heart-breaker of a loss, but I would have expected a little better reaction from my fellow Hog fans. We had plenty of opportunity to fold up shop and go home, tail between legs, but we *finally* showed some signs of life. The guys actually looked like they cared and fought hard to the bitter end. I personally am way more proud of this team after this game than any other game so far this season. A couple other random thoughts:

    1) It continues to amaze me how bad SEC officiating is. I’m still shaking my head at that “flagrant” foul they called on Wade in the first half. Give Missouri credit for taking advantage too, that was one flat-amazing display of free throw shooting they offered.
    2) Madden made a good move and had a good look at that last shot and just couldn’t get it to go. I can live with that personally. What was unacceptable was the posession before when we had the lead, and looked completely lost and turned the ball over without getting a shot at all.
    3) Bobby Knight is one of the great coaches of all time, but to say he’s an awful color analyst is putting it mildly. Him and Rece Davis kept reminding me last night of those two Muppet characters that sit in the balcony making comments on things completely unrelated to what’s actually going on.

    All in all, I’m very encouraged. Now lets see if we can keep this effort rolling through the end of the year. WPSGHG!

    • Porcine

      Waldorf and Statler.

  • GolfHog

    There is no alpha dog on this team. Once again we don’t go into Portis enough.