May 24, 2018

California 75, Arkansas 64 (NIT Second Round) Cal builds big lead, holds off late Arkansas push

Jabari Bird scored 19 points, David Kravish had 13 points and eight rebounds and California beat Arkansas 75-64 on Monday night to advance to the third round of the NIT.


  • Roadhog

    I’m no basketball guru, but I can recognize a pattern when it smacks me in the face. The Hogs started the game exactly the same way they played against Alabama i & II and S. Carolina: They couldn’t throw it in the ocean. More to the point: they don’t know how to attack a zone defense. The Cal coach probably watched some game film, saw the Hogs couldn’t score against a zone, and confirmed his game plan right there. Oh, and the Hogs defense couldn’t stop anybody either. During the Hogs winning streak I thought they had turned a corner, but then they reverted to form. I place this collapse on Anderson. I have supported him till now, but I’m off his bandwagon till he wins a game in the SEC tournament at least. He must show some kind of post-season progress or start looking for a less-demanding position.

    • Tomahog

      Roadhog, I believe we made progress this year and I would extend a congratulations to team for giving us some real moments to cheer about. Yes we had extreme highs and lows but I do see the improvement and I believe that next year will prove coach Anderson as legit. We have struggled for some time but I feel good about the future. Also give credit to the team which is an assembly of young men with really good character. I do believe that we are on the cusp of a breakthrough. The seniors did not get to see it through but they should be congratulated on helping us establish a better program. I have to say thanks to team and next year I hope to see you back on the bandwagon. Go Hogs

      • Roadhog

        You’re right. I am just disappointed, like the rest of Hog fans, at the way the season ended, with three ugly losses. I think they were playing scared, and that’s why they were shooting so poorly in the first half of each game. As the game wore on they warmed up and forgot about the pressure situation and played their normal game. Maybe they’ll overcome that with maturity. But I don’t think Anderson is teaching them good basketball skills, as Jim Doggg notes above. I don’t think Anderson is a heady sort of coach. He expects to win with athleticism, thus the “Fastest Forty Minutes” BS. I think you must have both and more to win championships.

  • JIm Doggg

    Bill Walton made a very interesting comment regarding the Arkansas players: “Great athleticism, poor skills”. The shooting inconsistency is remarkable. They don’t have a reliable go to guy for scoring except Portis, and he gets considerable attention from the defense. Cal played zone and collapsed to defend dunks and bye, bye Arkansas. Teams that go into a zone are telling you to prove you can hit your outside shots. Basketball IQ also seems to be lacking in this team; ergo inability to adjust on the floor. Also the hoopla about dunks is exciting but overdone. Anyone who has watched other tournament games would realize that the alley oop pass and dunk is now common and seems to be in most teams’ repertoire. Good coaches facing Anderson would stress taking care of the ball to reduce turnovers and boxing out Arkansas forwards as well as cutting off lanes to the basket. Sounds very simple unless you’ve tried to coach it. Bottom line: When Arkansas is hot it can beat anyone when it’s not it can be beaten by anyone. Doesn’t add up to championships. It seems that Anderson needs an outside gunner and more muscle underneath. Let’s see what he recruits. As someone said, they seem like a nice bunch of kids. Too bad it had to end this way.

  • OwassoHog

    Poor coaching early cost us dearly… after that lights out (literally, I couldn’t take it anymore and went to bed)!