May 24, 2018

South Carolina 71, Arkansas 69 (SEC Tournament) NCAA hopes for Arkansas take hit with SEC ouster by S. Carolina

South Carolina won its second straight game at the Southeastern Conference tournament, upsetting Arkansas 71-69 on Thursday behind 17 points from Sindarius Thornwell and likely knocking the Razorbacks out of the NCAA tournament.


  • oldskooljt

    Man, what a disappointment. How can we expect to get a NCAA bid when we lose to the 13th seed on a neutral court??! With all the other bubble teams winning today…we can’t.

  • Roadhog

    You can’t expect to advance in post-season play if you’re the worst rebounding team in the league, especially if you’re not making shots. You can’t make up for that deficit by intense defensive pressure if the refs are calling ticky fouls, as they were. What, forty-something fouls against the Hogs? This program is going nowhere with this “Fastest Forty Minutes” stuff. Ya gotta get some guys who can rebound.

  • OwassoHog

    Welcome to Hawg Ball of late… lots of disappointments! Outside of the small (but important) streak towards the end, it’s been fairly similar to the last dozen years or so. At 21-10 this season, I’m not sure we are seeing the overall improvement that was expected by year 3… such a disappointment for Hog fans everywhere!

    Let’s see, football – stunk, basketball – still smells rotten, let’s move on to baseball… oops – I think that was a called strike 3! At least we still have Track & Field! 🙂

  • Tomahog

    It is Deja vu all over again although we did make some big improvements and
    I believe next year will be at a level that we can be proud of. Moses Kingsly is a beast and I cannot figure out why he is not getting more minutes especially with our rebounding issues. It looks like the NIT to me, we could not beat Bama or the Gamecocks. Great JC pick up for next year. Go Hogs

  • soupdhog

    Sure, this loss is disappointing, but it looks like a certain NIT bid – which is more than what we had last year. I’d call that, plus our SEC road wins, beating UK twice as improvement. I’ll take it!

  • GolfHog

    It would be easy to pick on the kids and say that they played to their weaknesses, they’re not smart, have no heart, or to pick on Mike and say that he didn’t coach them very well if that’s the way they play, but the truth is, once again, the noise machine raised expectations beyond reality to boost ticket sales. This was simply not their year. Mike finally had a few pieces, some runnin’, trappin’, jumpin’ jacks. But, he had no point guard, no true shooting guard, and no real strength inside. This is still basketball.
    I like Mike. If he made a mistake and he may not have, it was not developing Portis with even more touches. But, even then, it’s hard to force the ball inside if there is not shooting guard outside to make them pay.

    • Roadhog

      You’re right all the way, Golf. Hunter Mickelson was supposed to be part of that inside strength, but that didn’t work out. And, ultimately, it was poor shooting that doomed the Hogs’s season at the end. Portis will get stronger. Kingsley will, too. And they’ll be good players. But the team needs more size and strength inside to have a decent chance to compete. There are lots of guards coming in, but I don’t see the size I’d like, even for guards, let alone forwards. I don’t think you can win with speed and quickness alone. You must rebound the basketball.